Freelance work or remote jobs, enhanced by the development of technologies, is becoming increasingly common among entrepreneurs who decide to join this move and combine it with travel. Experts explain what the trend is about and give advice.

It seems that traveling in a public transport, sitting in an office for eight hours and returning home, is a habit less and less common among entrepreneurs who, in search of new experiences and greater flexibility, choose to choose freelance jobs that allow the necessary freedom to undertake a trip and work from a distance. With the passage of time, the development of technologies allowed not only to increase the diversity of supports to work more comfortably, but also to generate a greater number of people connected from different points of the planet.

Sebastián Síseles, International Director of and Martina Rúa, a journalist from La Nación and freelancer, in conversation with Multitaskers , told us what this trend is about and offered the fundamental points to take into account to develop and carry forward the perfect combination between travel and work. "Today, and during the holiday season," freelance "work is becoming more attractive, allowing a greater number of people connected to each other through the network, from anywhere in the world," says Sísles executive of one of the largest independent employment portals.

For all

When talking about who are the most adapted, trained or most flexible to develop a freelance work and travel at the same time, Síseles does not set limits and ensures that this practice "is not only adopted by the youngest", but also by "people of all ages who are helped by technological advances", who choose "to do tourism and work at the same time". On the other hand, he adds that "people under 50 use platforms to make this way of life possible". Given this and with the aim of making the trip more effective, the journalist of La Nación recommends that in case of being vacation and traveling with the family, you have to "mark rules, schedule times and moments, in addition to trying to leave your cell phone saved and use it for time windows. "

Keys to success

Traveling and working at the same time are not easy actions to carry out, but certain issues must be taken into account in advance, which, if followed with precision, will allow the two activities to complement each other effectively. For the editor of one of the most important newspapers in the country, she affirms that traveling and working at the same time "requires organization, sacrifice and renunciation". Regarding resignations, the freelancer refers mainly "to moments of rest and, for example, to leisure". On the other hand, regarding his personal experience, he states: "I worked all January from the most remote places and my work arrived in time and form, but of course, with a cost, little rest and without the total disconnection that so many they long for. "

Anticipation: "Technological tools allow you to go to one place or another with a confirmed job. It is no longer necessary to start looking for opportunities once you arrive at your destination. It is best to start the search before leaving to know with what income, approximately, we will be counting. Even through the App, local contacts can be established to ask questions and eliminate doubts. "

WIFI & 4G: "Make sure you have a good Internet service, the concern should not be part of the trip. Remember to carry everything the computer may require: transformers, plugs, external drives or backups. "

Time difference: "If the trip is going to take place abroad, take into account the local time to organize the work and respond in time and form to your customers from other latitudes, especially from other countries or continents."

Agenda: "Have planned a scheme where it is clear with what time is counted for leisure and what time should be dedicated to work. It is important so that both aspects, necessary in the stay, do not overlap and one ends up taking space for another ".

Mobile wallet:
"To avoid having to use cash or change currency, use electronic money. One step further is to use the debit card that allows making all kinds of payments anywhere in the world (hotels, supermarkets, dinners, etc.) using the money that is earned through the site. "

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