The following article talks about the top 7 things you should do when facing a sudden power outage in your house as per the best emergency electrician in Mascot.

Power outages usually happen when there’s a technical issue or a storm. Even though it’s normal, a long time without power can create tonnes of inconveniences. Often, sudden power outages can also be a sign of a major electrical hazard. Long power outages can be caused by major faults in the electric system. Hence, it’s best to get in touch with a proficient emergency electrician in Mascot when dealing with sudden power outages.

But what if the power outage is normal and happened because of some technical errors in the nearby transformers? Well, in that case, you should prepare your house during the outage and ensure to keep your house safe from any electricity-related issues.

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Things to do when the power goes out in your house as per the best emergency electrician in Mascot

Power outages can happen without any warning and last for a few hours or even days. If it’s for a technical fault, then you may expect it to come after a few hours. While outages related to storms can last for days. As per the latest data, about 100,000 Australian households lost power in 2017. A 2024 report shows that about 15,000 households in Western Australia have no power connection due to a recent storm.

But regardless of the reasons for the power outages, you should ensure that your house is safe from any electricity-related matters. Here’re some tips from the best emergency electrician in Mascot,

1. One of the most vital things you should do when experiencing a sudden power outage is to stay calm. No matter what, every power outage is temporary and hence, will eventually end. Staying calm in this situation can help you the best to keep everything safe.

2. As per the best emergency electrician in Mascot, you should turn all your appliances OFF. It’ll help you keep the appliances safe from being affected by an electrical surge. Although you may keep a specific light ON to know when the power will be restored.

3. If you’ve perishable foods and items in the refrigerator, ensure to keep it close. According to the best emergency electrician in Mascot, you should only open your refrigerator and freezer sparingly when necessary to preserve your food items. It can keep the food items cold for about 4 hours. If it’s a full freezer, then it would keep the temperature intact for about 48 hours.

4. Check if the power outage is affecting all the households in your area or only your house. If it’s widespread then you should wait at home. But if not, then you should check to see if there’re any downed power lines nearby. If yes, avoid going near them and contact an emergency electrician in Mascot.

5. If you’re using a generator during the power outage, ensure to use it only outdoors. You should never run a generator inside your house to avoid further electrical issues and CO (Carbon Monoxide) buildup.

6. If you’ve medicines that must be refrigerated, you should look for alternative options for refrigerating them to keep them safe. As per the best emergency electrician in Mascot, you can also use power-dependant medical devices for the same.

7. If it’s cold outside, you should use blankets to keep yourself warm rather than using a gas stove or oven to heat your house. It can lead to dangerous situations.

Final thought,

Are you dealing with a sudden power outage in your home? Regardless of the reasons, you should follow all the right tips to keep your house safe. Contacting a professional emergency electrician in Mascot would also be helpful.

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