The use of diy wind-turbines can also be a good way for you to bond with your family and also can be a great way for you to have some home energy-saving projects with your family. Did you know that building a small wind turbine for your homes can dramatically reduce the power bill and save us thousands of dollars? Wind turbine electricity for your homes is the best solution to save money and environment.

Knowing the right steps and considerations prior to beginning your project will help you to build successfully a wind power turbine to generate your own electricity for your home. Does this Spark an idea? So, what are the main items you needed in order to build your own diy wind turbine? And what is the purpose of each item? Below are the list of the basic items you may needed in order to build your own diy wind turbine.

- To mount an anemometer on your roof

- To calculate the average wind speed at your home

DC motor
- For wind-turbine generator construction. Must be hooked up to a deep-cycle battery. DC motors that produce around 40 volts is highly recommended

Deep-cycle batteries
- To be hooked up to a wind-turbine generator. Different generators used for wind turbines will have various torque requirements.

Electrical wire & Soldering Iron
- To be soldered to the generator, which will run from the turbine to the deep-cycle batteries.

Blocking diode
- To be soldered to the wires, so the diode is placed between the turbine and the batteries.

Windmax Blades
- For constructing blade hub. To be bolted and secured to the motor. The blades must be connected to a gear or disk that will rotate the generator's turbine shaft.

Power drill & Tap and dye set & 1/4 inch aluminum disk
- For constructing blade hub. To be used along with a tap and dye set to form threaded holes around a small metal disk.

Nut and bolt.
- To attach the blade hub assembly to the generator.

Box (plastic or wood)
- To be use as a casing for generator. The generator must be mounted inside the casing in order to prevent wiggling and jostling, which will allow for the maximum amount of transference for the torque from the wind to power the generator.

TV tower
- To install the wind turbine generator to an old television tower.

Having all of the materials but do not know the steps on how to build it is useless. You may find the way about how to construct your own diy wind turbine in the internet but without a proper guidance and explanation, it is useless as well.

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