Do you be on familiar terms with how to conceive a girl with confident? Well, if you can follow the information below closely, you will have higher chances than other couples to have the baby gender of your choice.

Two of the most important factors that you must know is to know the exact ovulation period and the correct timing for intercourse. The chances will be much higher if you are able to find out your exact date. You should then know when is the best date to have more intercourse to conceive a girl.

How to conceive a girl by first determine the exact date? Most couples will use the ovulation calculator to find out the next period. However, the result is usually inaccurate as you will get late ovulation at times.

One of the best ways is to use the fertility monitor or the ovulation predictor. These two devices will be able to tell you the exact date, and they are also easily available in the supermarket or clinic. Most of the devices are very easy to use. You can simply dip a small amount of your urine or saliva into the strip and the result will appear almost instantly.

After you know the exact gender ovulation date, the next step on how to conceive a girl is to have intercourse on the correct days. One of the recommendations is to have intercourse at least 3 or 4 days before the ovulation start. This is because the female sperms can usually live up to 4 days. The male sperms are weaker and will usually die off by that time. By following this technique, you will increase the chances on conceiving a girl.

In fact, there are other important techniques to conceive a girl like controlling the PH level, eating the correct food and understanding the characteristics of X & Y sperms.

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