‘Tis the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year. There’s eggnog and pumpkin pie and roast turkey and hams and Christmas cookies. There are office parties and family gatherings to go to, much food and drink to imbibe and enjoy.

This is one hellish scenario for any individual trying to eat healthy and remain healthy. How does one avoid such diet disasters and waist-management issues? To follow are some tips to still be able to fit into your favorite jeans come 2011.

1. Do not forego your daily workouts. - Yes, yes, this is quite difficult to do when there are parties beckoning you at every corner. Try to schedule your workouts in the morning, to avoid casually dismissing them when the late-afternoon rush is upon you. Another advantage of doing your daily routine is you tend to think first before indulging too much, and remember just how hard you worked out that morning only to waste it on a second eggnog.

2. Drink water before heading out the door. - Proven and tested. Drinking water fills you up and drowns out hunger pangs. Medical research also indicates that the body’s need for water could very well be mistaken for hunger sensations. So, drink up!

3. Scour the buffet before making your choices. - Don’t simply grab a plate and fill it with the entire smorgasbord of dishes. Walk around all the buffet stations then fill your plate with only the healthiest choices. If you’re going to eat much, might as well eat right.

4. Forego the ubiquitous bread basket. - Bread is the last thing to indulge in this holiday season. With all the food offerings on hand, the last thing you need is more simple carbohydrates. Opt for baked sweet potatoes or some roasted lean meat.

5. Say no to gravies and sauces. - As a general rule, gravies and sauces pack a hefty punch, calorie-wise. Remember that the food you are partaking in have already been seasoned on its own. Pouring buttery sauces over it will only add calories where you don’t need them. If you must have some type of sauce, choose a type of vinaigrette.

6. Wear a tight-fitting dress / pants. - When your belt or waistband bites into your midsection, or your over-indulging makes you look like a well-fed giant anaconda in the dining hall mirrors, then you are less likely to overeat.

7. Put your fork down in-between bites. - An oft-repeated rule. Putting your fork down in-between bites will allow you more time to chew and enjoy your food, rather than swallow more without giving it much thought. An added bonus is you get to chat up the office cutie you’ve been eying from afar, without a mouthful of food getting in your way.

8. Choose clear over creamy. - If you must have your Christmas beverage, choose a clear drink rather than a creamy one. A clear drink does not have the unnecessary added calories as compared to a milky beverage.

9. Practice control. - You are the guardian of your waist and the master of your health. If you can’t fit into them anymore, who will wear the pants in the family?

Have a happy and healthy holiday season, everyone!

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