You are planning to have a custom suit for the first time? We have some important tips for you. Suits are a bit pricey because it the fabric for use is not that just a fabric, but a quality fabric that you can wear your suit for like years! And because suit is an investment do you agree on that? If you are buying a suit specially if it’s custom clothes, you have to spend money. Why? Because bespoke suits or clothes should last upwards of 20-30 years with proper care. Of course. It will last long and you can wear as long as the size still fits you.

Right Fabric

Fabric quality can make or break a suit, so it’s important that you’re buying a quality fabric that can last several seasons. A wool suit comes in different levels of textile quality and different mills produce myriad results. The wool is often referred to by its super quality — Super 100s through to Super 150s and beyond. Fabric fitness. Fabric quality can make or break a suit, so it's important that you're buying a quality fabric that can last several seasons.

The perfect jacket
It should be Fit from the shoulder first, check a neat waist and a slim sleeve. These are three important things you need to check & know when buying a suit and dealing with a suit tailor. As long as these three things in are perfectly fit, then your jacket should fit accurately and look modern.

It’s all about the legs
Trousers should always drop gracefully against the shoe & the most desirable look is to have a soft break at the front of the trouser and not at the back. Shorter trousers with no break and a cuff are also popular but you have to think twice about wearing this style as for me it’s not good looking if you have anything but slim legs.


This area should always be a little bit of space, it should not very fit. Waistband and trousers should fit snugly across the hips. A tight waistband will not only be uncomfortable but will pull at your skin enlarging your waist, which is never a good look, of course.


Finally, the “Color” Choosing color when it comes to clothes is not easy, you have to consider what’s color suits you It is very important to choose a color of suit that you can wear any occasions or event or even in just a normal office day. The common color is black and you can never go wrong in black remember that

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