What happens when you leave your skin unnourished for days? It starts to form dead cells, looks exceptionally dull than earlier appearances. Just like your skin surface, your house’s surface needs regular care and nourishments. And what could be a better way than considering repainting exterior walls? 

It's dangerous and detrimental for the surface exterior walls to delay a house painting job. When you have already made up your mind that you need exterior painting, hope it's done as quickly as possible! 

Facing hard times to choose a colour combination for exterior walls that ‘stands out’? Find out what are the expert solution of house painters Perth and how they like to bring up the ‘creativity level’ with exterior wall colour combinations:

  • Pretty Pastels with white borders

Use a neutral pastel shade with white borders to bring out the ageless elegance in your home. For window frames, choose sky blue pastel shades in combination with the white borders.

  • Dramatic monochrome colour designing

Monochromatic exterior painting never went out of trend. It gives that modern yet classic vibe and creates a monumental architectural phenomenon with just ‘bold monochromatic’ painting choices.

  • The wooden textured colour combination

Wooden textured colour combination imparts an earthly vibe if paired with medium to dark colours. Try to install wooden shutter, window frames, and garage doors and ask the painting service Perth to use the colour in a way that the wooden features ‘stands out’.

  • Vintage black and white combination

This warm and cool-toned design and colours are eternal. When nothing works, the black and white combination will work.

  • Cream, off white and green combinations

Are you indulging yourself in eco-friendly living? Then green is your colour. Spice up your warm green tone with an added background of cream and off whites.

  • Yellow walls, blue doors colour combination

Bright yellow, mustard yellow is trending. To outline the home feature in bold patterns, use blue for doors and windows.

  • Royal Purple, aqua ivory combination

Purple is the colour of royalty. Homeowners, who are into classic designing and stuff, love this feature.

  • Warm Rich Green with cool classic white

A combination of warm and cool toning never goes wrong. It balances out cool and obstructs the exaggeration of warmly painted walls.

  • Solid bold roof colour with neutral wall paintings

Want to get roof work done? Don't leave it for another time! Use bold roofing colours and neutral tone to your exterior walls. Moreover, it keeps your roof maintained along with exterior walls.

  • Neon Colours

For many young people, who are building homes in this decade, they can't even think of painting a house without adding hints of neon in it. This era is for neon. The smart way to use neon is to add up the colour indoors window frames with a combination of neutral tones.

With all these tempting exterior colour options, aren't you dying to get a house makeover already? 

However, make sure you call a pro panting service in your locality for the task. After selecting the combination from your part, what matters most is the right application by the skilled workforce with proper equipment. 

Author's Bio: 

The author is one of the experienced house painters in Perth. The author is giving hints on some trending exterior wall colour combination options to create mesmerising finishing for your upcoming house painting project.