What’s a better way to have fun with friends and family, than playing a quick match of table tennis! The sport is popular among young and the old; and everyone loves to flick the ball and make an impossible shot that would set heads turning towards them! However, it is also essential to buy the right equipment to have a fun-filled match with friends and families as well – starting off with buying one of the best indoor table tennis tables for one’s own home.

Here are a few tips to follow buy when choosing the right table for one’s home:

1. Size matters:

Before making any purchases, it is essential to determine whether or not there is enough space to accommodate a table tennis table. A standardized size of a table tennis table should be approximately 2.74 X 1.525 m 2 (with a clearance of a minimum of 0.75 m of the ground). But there should be enough space for the players to move around as well. So an additional area of 8 m 2 (4 X 2 m 2 ) should be taken into account when purchasing a table.

2. Indoors Vs. outdoors:

If space is an issue, one might always go for an outdoor space to play table tennis. This, of course, means that there must be enough space in one’s property to accommodate a table tennis table, let alone neighbors tolerating the ruckus created as players enjoy an enthralling match! However, an outdoor activity would entail the fact that the table might be prone to harsh weather conditions as well. Thus, it is important to consider a table that is lightweight and can be easily disassembled (or moved) to a safer haven.

3. Mini-sized tables:

One might find it astonishing to find the sheer number of choices that are available in the market. A mini-sized table (3/4 size of the standardised size) is also available that is usually taken for junior players (children). However, if space is a constraint, one might consider this option for a table as well. After all, at the end of the day, all one needs to have is a fun-filled match!

4. Quality differs, so does gameplay:

Table tennis tables come with a variety of qualities. Cheaper options would normally be suitable for a quick match. However, they are more prone to wear and tear. If one expects to get better at the game and is aiming for some professional experience, it is better to go for better quality tables that mimic the ones that are used in professional tournaments. Such tables offer a different feel and experience than the normal cheaper ones available in the market.

Table tennis tables are available in a lot of options. It is therefore integral to select the proper table by keeping in mind factors such as the goal, space availability and economic feasibility of the purchaser as well. Nevertheless, table tennis can be a fun way to pass time; or probably get a professional career ahead too!

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