You signature is just as important as your appearance as they all impact negatively or positively on your personality. And since you must have a matching signature for every document that you sign, it is important that you spend time learning the knowledge of making your own ideal signature. To make it even better, individuals who work in B2B can be able to boost the trust with colleagues using a signature as it is believed to tell a lot about your personality. So before you start signing documents either in the presence of notaries like DC Mobile notary or not, you should take time in designing a signature that will portray your characteristics. To help you out, here is how you can create your own unique signature without going through a lot.

• Make the Capital Letters Stand Out

Making use of capital letters which can be easily identified tends to show how strict and exacting you are. People who know this will, therefore, view you differently as they do not want to cross your path. Apart from capital letters, you can also opt for ascending capitals as they indicate the creativity and ambitiousness of the person who wrote the signature.

• Use Your Full Name

There is no person who is going to judge you for using your full names as the signature. Instead, most will applaud your efforts simply because using your full name as the signature tends to show how balanced and even-tempered you are. In addition to this, using a signature that has low upper loops classifies you as a person who is always ready to take new challenges. This character trait is good since it lets your business partners know the level of focus that you can put on current projects.

• Make Use of Unusual Symbols

There is no restriction on the type of signature that you need to have. For this reason, you can consider using unusual symbols whenever you are writing your signature. Most unusual symbols used in signatures identify the person with what they do. Apart from the unusual symbols, you can also make the signature interesting by adding flourishes, loops or numbers. You can use a number for as many times as they may also make the signature appear appealing.

When opting for unusual symbols in your signature, you will have to make use of stylized letters as they symbolize a person who likes making statements. Furthermore, it gives you the chance of avoiding the surname in the signature. Not including your surname in the signature demonstrates your relaxed nature when working with others or doing you day to day activities.

• You Can Use Your Initials

Famous people in the world are making use of signatures made up of initials are they are taken to be businesslike. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook is one of the well-known individuals who make use of initials as their signature. This action makes him look a highly private person. However, how you use the initials will determine the way other people view you. For instance, writing a signature that has large initials is highly associated with a person who is independent but makes use of old-school values.

• Underline the Signature

One of the ways in which you can make your signature stand out from the restis by underlying it. This is regardless of whether you are using unique symbols, your full names or initials. By underlying the signature, you will be viewed as a self-confident person. To other people, underlining a signature may mean that you are a very ambitious individual who is ready to go all the way in order to reach greater heights. However, you must exercise caution when using a signature that is underlined. This is because writing a signature with a line that cuts through it may be a way of showing how unhappy you are with your life. You will, therefore, find it hard in gaining the trust of your partners.

How to know if Your Signature is perfect

No signature can be termed to be bad since they all reflect a certain aspect of your nature. However, this does not mean that you should come up with just anything simply because you want to have a signature. Some of the things that show how perfect your signature is include:

 Appealing to the Eye

To be honest, nobody will write a signature which does not look appealing to their eyes.For this reason, you should carefully look at the signature for any changes that you may wish to make. If you do not see any change, then the signature is good enough.

 Can be Easily Written Down

It should only take a couple of seconds before you can finally write down your signature. This is because not many people will be willing to wait until you finally write your long signature. Such kinds of signatures will end up annoying your partners or any other person that you may opt to work with. You should, therefore, practice until you are able to come up with a short but good signature.

 Natural

The signature that you decided to use will always be similar in every document you sign. It is for this reason that you should always be able to rewrite either in electronic or handwritten form. It is only through this action that all your applications will be easily accepted since the signature does not show any sign of forgery. If you have never signed electronically, you should consider looking for a good software that will make this possible.

It is important for you to sign documents since the signature acts as proof of your consent. Therefore, try as much as possible to come up with a signature that is hard to forge. By doing so, you will avoid the stress of having to deal with cases of forgery as they may at times end up leading to huge losses especially if it involves finances or assets.

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