Is your garage door giving you sleepless nights with the strange noises it makes or not properly closing? Worried that the garage door is posing problems for your family?

As professionals at garage door repair Brick, we insist on putting safety as a first priority when it comes to garage doors. If the state of your garage door worries you, we recommend that you contact an expert the soonest possible to avoid the situation from getting out of hand.

Luckily, most problems with garage doors are usually minor problems that only require a repair as opposed to a replacement. The following are some issues with garage doors that you should be on the look-out for.

• Problems Related To Electric Door Opener
The most common problem that garage doors Brick experts deal with are issues with the safety reversing system. If you check the photo-eye units in this system and notice a misalignment or one of the units missing then it could be the one causing problems with the door. For most people that complain of the door closing up to a certain inch and then jerking back open this is the problem. There are also situations where the wire that joins the two units has been damaged, in which case you should call garage door repair Brick to send in a door technician immediately.

• The Door Opens And Closes Very Slowly
This is normally an indication of the door systems incapability of lifting the door. In most cases, one of the springs in the spring system has lost tension or is broken. You can simply confirm this by pulling the emergency release cord and then slowly opening the door. Garage doors are not hard to lift even on one hand since most of them are calibrated to weigh less than 10lbs. If you’re unable to lift the door using one hand them most definitely the spring system is broken and you need to call garage doors Brick experts.

• The Door Opens And Closes Very Slowly
This is also likely to be a problem with the spring system. Small to medium sized garage doors usually come on steel tracks whereas larger garage door Berkeley come on commercial grade tracks. Loud but short noises when opening the door is mostly an indication of one of the tracks being damaged-twisted or bent as a result of a collision. A garage door technician can help you correct this and have the door smoothly opening and closing again.

It’s important to have your garage doors Brick repaired within the shortest time possible especially if it’s in winter or you live in a cold area. Sometimes you will be forced to do a full replacement if there are sections of the door that are severely damaged since this can cause rust.

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