There are some tips that you can utilize in order for you to start gaining the confidence and for you to be able to begin to undertake the vocabulary workshop c. The following can help you but does not guarantee 100% success because you should also believe in yourself that you can do it.

Tip # 1: Use only words that you are familiar with, never try to complicate the terms that you "think" you might know because the meaning of what you are trying to say might come off in a different format.

Tip # 2: Read to add new words to your vocabulary and not because you want to be able to impress people; words were formulated in order for people to express what you think and not for you to impress because there are instances that you might end up with the wrong impression instead.

Tip # 3: Before you use a word in a sentence, read about it and try to understand what it means because the common error lie on the proper meaning and use of the words; this is also the common mistakes given as answers to vocabulary workshops.

Tip # 4: Always see to it that you fully understand the connotation of the word because there are instances wherein you as the user of the word may view it to have a negative connotation while other readers may see it otherwise.

Tip # 5: Word implications are also vital because it depends on the person saying it and receiving it. You will see that in some answers to vocabulary workshops the words you think might be correctly used actually imply something different.

Tip # 6: This is the most essential tip that you should keep in mind; read. Read articles from magazines, stories from books, and the like. During your reading session, always keep a dictionary by your side; just in case you come across a word that you do not know, you can look it up from the dictionary. After your recognition of its meaning, see to it that you also use it because there is a tendency that you can forget it after sometime.

Tip # 7: As stated in tip # 6, always use your vocabulary widely especially those you just read, in that way it will tend to stick in your mind.

Never doubt your ability to enhance your vocabulary because it can help you in many ways more than one. If you want to challenge yourself, you can already start using the Sadler-Oxford company's vocabulary workshop level a for a start.

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