Liposuction Surgery Has Become Much Safer Now

Liposuction surgery has become very efficient and safe with the availability of advanced techniques of laser liposuction such as the VASER, Smartlipo Triplex and BodyTite liposuction. This advanced surgery in combination with fat transfer offers excellent results. However, all this depends on finding an experienced plastic surgeon who has provided this plastic surgery procedure to a number of patients.

Liposuction with Fat Transfer – for a Better Defined Body Contour

Liposuction involves the removal of excess fat from the body. Now advanced medical technology has made it possible to utilize this fat to add volume to body parts that need a bit of plumping. BodyTite body contouring can be combined with fat transfer for more appealing aesthetic results. Typically fat is grafted from the inner knees, lower stomach and the inner thighs. Liposuction on one body part is combined with the transfer of fat to another. For instance, there can be a combination of liposuction on the abdomen with fat grafting on the buttocks for obtaining a perfect look.

How to Find the Right Plastic Surgeon

There are many plastic surgeons providing liposuction procedures, but it is important to choose a reliable surgeon who has excellent surgical skills and artistry.

  • A plastic surgeon providing services from an advanced plastic surgery facility with the latest advanced equipment would be an ideal choice. He/she should fully understand your requirements and aesthetic goals. Most importantly, the surgeon should be experienced in this cosmetic surgery procedure and preferably trained by Cynosure.

The internet is a good place for checking out a good surgeon offering liposuction along with fat transfer. Visit the websites of various surgeons to learn more about the qualifications of the surgeon, the AAAASF accreditation, procedures offered and patient testimonials. The surgeon should be experienced in providing liposuction using BodyTite, VASER and Smartlipo Triplex.

  • Observe the surgeon during consultation

    Once the surgeon is shortlisted, the faculty must be contacted and the response observed. It is necessary to schedule a consultation with the surgeon before making the final decision. A good surgeon will explain the procedure in detail along with the potential risks involved. A surgeon who is reliable will not give false promises and will highlight the importance of maintaining realistic expectations.

Finding a good surgeon for BodyTite liposuction is important if you are looking to achieve attractive results. The time spent on searching for a reliable surgeon is therefore well utilized. A plastic surgeon providing services from an AAAASF accredited plastic surgery center offers dedicated follow-up service to make sure that the results achieved are maintained.

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Manhattan Plastic Surgeons - BodyTite liposuction is a minimally invasive treatment for eliminating unwanted fat from the face, chin, saddle bags, inner thighs, love handles, abdominal areas, hips, buttocks, knees etc.