A successful entrepreneur can turn the negative tide in his favor and has a discerning, incisive and penetrative insight to foresee turmoil or events of strategic importance and accordingly hone his skills to tackle them.

To start on the daunting yet exciting venture of being an entrepreneur, one needs to essentially possess the strength of character, probity and split second decision making capability that can be adequately termed as winning attitude. have a look at the plan one may follow to become a successful entrepreneur.

1- Embarking on the venture primarily involves arranging capital to transform the ambitious plans and projects that are taking shape in the visualizing mind. Financial institutions, private money lenders and other sources should be approached with detailed plan of the proposition, future projection and growth forecast, clear breakdown of the heads in which capital is to be invested and a good credit rating. The terms and conditions should be gone through carefully and cryptic and obscure conditions should be avoided.

2- Once the capital is approved, land acquisition should take precedence. Security of space is vital to stay in the race and try to push to envelope. One should visualize the project expansion in incremental and measurable form over the years and accordingly strike a deal to acquire lease of the land for adequate number of years. The burgeoning property price should be critically considered before committing for anything.

3- Human capital is the most precious asset of any business and as such the budding entrepreneur should direct his focus on hunting the most talented and ambitious talents in the industry who can drive the business on their shoulders. The process of culling out the best brains should be handed out to professional consultants who can measure up your requirement with skilful manpower and have vast expertise and experience of supplying talent under their belt. Incidental jobs and minor activities should be essentially outsourced to have the cost advantage.

4- Security of raw materials is vital for the longevity of any project and self sustaining the business. Adequate arrangements should be made to ensure continuous supply of raw materials throughout the life cycle of the projects to avoid holding up of plans and causing delay bringing blemish upon the goodwill arduously built over the years with collaborators and business partners. This is vitally important to maintain the competitive edge over the opponents.

5- The entrepreneur should then proceed to obtain necessary government clearance and ensure compliance of the project development to legislations of the land.

6- Brand building through online and off-line endeavors is obligatory to build credibility and garner widespread exposure for the products marketed. Online promotion outsourced to SEO agencies to optimize the campaign and build massive backlinks will work towards building a strong brand identity that will bring about word of mouth advertising and leave an indelible imprint on the psyche of prospects. Large scale off line campaigns is necessary to improve the visibility of the brand among all sections of the targeted market space.

7- Once profits will start to trickle in, a prudent entrepreneur should divert the extra funds for diversification of business to build up a top notch brand.

One should resist from the temptation of applying oneself rigorously round the clock for business promotion. Taking time off and relaxing is vitally important to keep the zeal alive and to make steady progress as a reputed entrepreneur.

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