You are a student and are preparing for your final examination or you are a professional and want to do the work perfectly. Everything in this world you can do easily if has sharp memory and it is essential too. You must also take some steps to sharpen the memory.

Harness the brain power- It is true that teaching new thing to old dog is worthless and even many researchers prove that our brain is able to change and adapt. This happens even with the growing age. This is known as neuroplasticity. With the right inspirations, mind can create new paths which are alternatives to the old ones. These are actually reactions of adaptions.Brain is capable of learning and keeps memory. Here given some of the important tips that will help you to enhance your brain power.

Don’t spare on exercise or sleep- It is not only body that got nourishment with the good diet and proper sleep or lifestyle but brain also needs these for its health. When you treat the body in good way then it increases your ability. Doing physical exercise provides oxygen to brain too and lessens the risk of having disorders, even some of the disorders may affect the memory and these are diabetes and cardiac issues. Exercising is a way to save brain chemicals and protect the brain cells.

Take proper sleep- when you compromise your sleep it affect your brain as the brain is not able to work well at the full capacity. You then feel unable to solve problems, thinking or working properly. On the other hand, if having a proper sleep everyday then you feel fresh and also your brain too. It is essential for memory consolidation too.

Spend time with friend in fun activities- Knowledge is a single thing in this world which increase if you share it with others then if you are in the groups of intelligent and positive thinkers thenit is great for your memory as you will definitely learn the good things which will stays in your mind. It also helps to cleanse the impurities from your mind too. It is true that we live in a society and the relations make us in even our mind healthy. It is a best mind exercise.

Laugh is the best- Laughing is the best medicine for your body but also for the brain too. You will surprise to know that when you laugh it engages the many regions across the whole brain. Whenever you listen to any funny things like jokes or punchlines, it activates the vital areas in the brain for creating new things and even for learning.

So, to enhance your memory you can laugh in any way. You can even laugh at yourself. You must have true friend for this. You can tell her your funny moments and after thinking that you can laugh by your heart.

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