Since you are a girl, trying to get your guy back can be really difficult. Because it doesn't look too good to be out pursuing a guy who dumped you, you have to guarantee that all your subtle efforts won't cost you your dignity. If you're hesitant about what to do or you don't know how to subtly pull it off, here are a few tips on how to get a guy back after a break up.

Maybe, you've heard of the no contact rule before, which is a major method on how to get a guy back after a break up. The most certain means of making yourself look weak and unpleasant in his eyes is chasing the guy by imploring him to come back to you. If all he wants is to recover and slightly keep his emotions inside, no guy wants an ex girlfriend who constantly whines and clings. Most men break up with a girl because they look for freedom, and choking him with attention will only make him wanna get as far away from you as possible.

Evaluating the relationship is the second way on how to get a guy back after a break up. Guys hate it when the same terrible thing occurs repeatedly in the relationship. It makes them consider that the relationship is not going anywhere. You must reflect on your relationship's weaknesses to avoid this and discover ways to reinforce these weaknesses.

You know what to say to your ex when you're able to peacefully face him in order to do this. A guy has more tendency to come back if he gets assurance that the things he hates most in the relationship will diminish, if not disappear.

The next tip on how to get a guy back after a break up is to set up the first meeting when you think the time has come to meet your ex, and you can manage your emotions when meeting him.

Don't call him as he'll be forced to say yes or no on the spot so invite him for coffee through text or email. With texts or email, he may either just ignore it or postpone making the decision until he's fine. If he ignores it, don't feel hopeless. Since you did your part, bothering him with more invitations will just make him dislike you more. After you've reached out to him, it's now his turn.

Once he agrees, the fourth step on how to get a guy back after a break up is to keep the first meeting relaxed. Keep the meeting short, around 15 minutes, to keep yourself from talking about depressing and emotional matters. Keep all things stress-free. He might be the one to initiate the next meeting if he enjoys it. The only tip to bear in mind, from here on, on how to get a guy back after a break up is to avoid moving hastily.

Don't proceed to the next step if he's still not ready for it but simply keep meeting each other every now and then.

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