Break up depression can be very destabilizing. You could actually suffer from break up depression for a long time especially if the relationship was really long and intense. Although you may feel as though everything is doomed, that's not really the case. People can be very resilient and could bounce back from most trials.

You could ask for help from a councilor to deal with your break up depression. A counselor could also refer you to a psychiatrist who can then provide some anti depressants. While this might sound scary, it is actually a very logical method of dealing with this difficult time. Another method that could deal with break up depression is by socializing more with people you love. It would be healthy for you to surround yourself with people who value you as a person. It would be best if you move on by eliminating all the things that remind you of your recent break up. Boxing items and hiding them in the attic is one way of ensuring the reminders are no longer about. Of course, you should only do this when you are emotionally ready.

Keep in mind that rushing the process is not a good thing. You may find yourself succumbing to temptation like having a one night stand or drinking until you puke.

Although this may seem excusable considering the situation, the fact is that you should be focusing on something more productive. One good way to prevent break up depression is to get some physical activity.

An exercise would really help although you may not think so. Exercise would actually release those endorphins that would help you cope with the depression. Additionally, you should makes sure that you are getting enough sleep and nutrition in your body.

It would be better if you start a healthy diet rather than eating mostly junk foods. Lastly, you shouldn't be blaming yourself. Both people should be involved when situations like these arise.

Forgive your ex and yourself and move on. You'll find yourself in the dating scene again. There's no prescribed length of time that you have to stay single so just enjoy the moment. You're the only one who knows what you want.

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