We all have the need to show our best side to others, don’t we? The first impression people have of us is important, as is how they feel when they first enter our home. When an apartment is clean and everything is finely sorted, it really speaks for its owner. Taking these tips to heart will, apart from making your home more welcoming, buy you some free time during the weekend, since you won’t be spending as much time cleaning and doing chores.

Making Your Bed

We’re starting up on a simple tip, but something like this has a big effect. Jump into the day with something as easy as fluffing the pillows and pulling up the covers, and make your bed welcoming for when you turn in at the end of the day. Since it takes up most of the room, tidying up the bed gives the whole room a tidier look as well.

Doing Laundry

Doing laundry doesn’t always have to involve a mountain of clothes. Doing smaller piles is fine, and often better. As most people are more energetic in the morning, putting a small pile of clothes in the washing machine can set things going as it won’t feel as big a chore as it will later in the day.

Taking Care of the Dishes

While it is something we generally dislike, washing dishes affects the kitchen in an obvious way, so maybe you could find a way to enjoy it. As they tend to get cluttered with dirty, used pans and food leftovers, it’s important to clean along the way. Even if you hand wash a few dishes while your food is on the stove, you’re saving time and that’s one chore fewer before going to sleep.


Lack of space can be a serious problem. Furniture that only takes up space, or is there to look good doesn’t bring as powerful an effect as some people would like it to. Making the most of your rooms in terms of buying closets or even smaller cupboards will work wonderfully.

A Welcoming Front Door

Doormats are very important because when someone visits, they give the impression of a warm home. While it’s common to have a doormat on the outside, the one indoors will show guests how much care someone is putting into the cleanliness of their apartment! People have found that setting a floor mat on the inside seems to work wonders with keeping the floors neat, as the mat collects the excess dirt. Remember to vacuum them, or simply shake off the dust and dirt every few days.

Deciding on a Cleanup Day

While all of these habits keep our apartments as tidy as possible, sometimes we can’t avoid a more thorough cleaning. Saturday or Sunday would be a good chance, as we generally have fewer obligations during the weekend. Still, some people find this troubling as it can take a few hours, depending on the number of rooms. Depending on where you live, dust can also accumulate faster, especially when near tall apartment buildings. Residential cleaning in Sydney has appeared as a solution to some, as a dependable way to keep their home clean if they don’t have the time to do so themselves.


Many of us keep things with sentimental value. On one hand, that’s fine, but on the other, knickknacks often take up space and make rooms look untidy. At first glance, you can’t imagine the apartment without some of the things lying around. Try making two groups, keep and toss, and begin sorting everything out. You’ll be surprised at how many things you didn’t really need, and how they ended up collecting dust while lying on top of a shelf. As for the things you really like or need, find a spot where you’ll keep them. Keep your keys at the front door, along with headphones and whatever else you tend to bring out with you, for example.


While these things might not be a substitute for a complete house cleaning, if you make a habit out of them you’ll notice the effect they’ll have. Also, don’t take up the burden alone! Get the rest of the family, or your roommates involved and grow into the habit of keeping your home clean and welcoming together!

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Emily is a business psychologist. Researching, exploring and writing are her favourite things to do. Besides that, she loves animals and music.