Lease terms for commercial office space can be a lengthy especially when compared to residential deals. However, every once in a while, you find yourself at the tail end of your lease term and you have to decide between renewing the lease of looking for new office space so you can relocate your business. In most situations it is the landlord who will have an upper arm because they know how tedious relocating an entire business can actually be. This means that negotiation will be on the landlord’s side; however, this should not always be the case especially when you give indications that you are thinking about a new location.

Look Around: When your lease finally starts approaching its end, you want to avoid a mad rush of trying to find a new location. It is important for you to have an alternative in mind just in case your landlord doesn’t agree to terms that you will find favorable with a new lease. The other good reason of looking for alternative office pace is to send a message to your landlord that you are not really dying to renew the current lease; this is likely to make the landlord soften up a little bit when you finally sit for a discussion.

Discuss future lease arrangements in advance: The other clever strategy you want to use regarding commercial office space leases is to show your landlord that you are or you are not interested in renewing your current lease by talking to them well in advance. You want to make sure that any move you make with your current landlord will be in god taste for your business. When a landlord feels like you don’t have any other option, there are chances that most of them will become adamant about giving you lease terms that are less generous. You can avoid finding yourself in such a situation by getting to hear your landlord’s sentiments well in advance.

Employ the services of a tenant representative: There is still another way of letting your landlord know that you may be searching for an alternative commercial office space lease; engage the services of a tenant representative. When you hire such services, the clear message to your landlord will be that you will not simply take any or all the terms the landlord will be offering lying down; you are ready for a tough battle so as to get the best tenant oriented lease terms that you can. Whether you are planning to renew the lease or relocate to some new premises, the services of a tenant representative are crucial.

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