When you go ahead and plan to paint your house, labor is going to be your biggest expense. You can save a lot by containing how many hours the painting contractor will be at his job. There are other ways to pare back costs as well.  Follow these professional tips to maximize your savings at the end of the day.

  • Get competing bids

Before you actually hire a painter, you should get multiple estimates from a number of painting contractors. Compare the costs for each highlighted item. Remember that there will be slight variations in the same category. You can also find recommended painters from friends and coworkers. Ensure that the painters you select are licensed and insured. Ask your selected painter how many hours will be spent on painting and how many hours on preparation work. Ask about the number of coats of paint, enquire about cost of additional coats.

  • Have a contract

Ensure that you get the painting agreement in writing. The contract should clearly specify the extent of the job, what the job entails and the materials to be used for the job.

  • Do some of the work yourself

You can save a bundle if you go ahead and do the labor on your own. Actually this is not advised as house painting is a specialized job. If you are hiring a painter ask him if you can do some of the jobs yourself like trimming shrubs, moving the furniture to create a perimeter for the painters to work in, removal and reinstallation of the outlet covers, the switch plates as well as the doorknobs. You can also ask to see if you can do preparation work like scraping, sanding and patching providing you have the skills.

  • Repaint when it is time to repaint

You should repaint the exteriors of the house when it should be repainted. Do not wait until you see flaking paint and peeling. Painting contractors calculate rates based on how much time goes into preparation for the painting job and the more time it takes, the higher will be your costs.

  • Narrow the scope of the job

When you are painting a house on a budget, only go for the essential painting. There can be a lot of bells and whistles attached to the contract and you should look for ways to trim these before you sign on it.

The above tips will help you to save a lot of money when you hire the pros for painting your house. For painters, look for house painters Lawrenceville, Atlanta painting contractor, exterior painter, Lawrenceville painter, John's Creek Painter or house painting Lawrenceville.

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