When you set up your Office 365 for business enrollment, you can pay by using Mastercard or money related adjust portions, or to pay by receipt using check or electronic resources trade (EFT) .

Whichever methodology you pick, that is the portion procedure we will continue utilizing for resulting charging periods, unless you change your portion strategy.

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Pay with charge card or financial balance

When you pay with Visa or money related adjust,

you'll be subsequently charged for your Office 365 participation the day after the receipt date, until the point that the moment that the complete of your enrollment term.

You can invigorate your charge card or monetary adjust information at whatever point you need to.

You can in like manner get a copy of your charging clarification in email.

Get your charging articulation in email

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In the Office 365 administrator focus, go to the Billing notices page, or pick Billing > Billing warnings.

Under Do you need to get the charging articulation as an email connection?, change the flip to On.

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