Trench coats have always been classy. They are one of those pieces of clothing that create a polished, professional appearance. Even better, trench coats are very effective in keeping you warm and protected when it's raining or windy outside. There are all sorts of trench coats, from single chest to double-breasted and from cropped to full-length. If the trench coat you have in mind is something that fits your needs and personal style, continue reading for tips on selecting the best trench coat for you.

The Length

While choosing a new trench coat, one of the first considerations is the length. If you plan to use the coat mostly on rainy days, go for a longer coat as this kind offers more warmth and protection. Rain can fall anytime of the year, whether it's autumn or summer. When raindrops fall from nearly all directions, you’re going to need a trench coat to keep yourself dry.

Longer trench coats can run down to your knees, and full-length ones touch the top of your shoes.

As for the sleeves, they should go only a bit beyond your wrists.

Comfort is another factor you shouldn't forget. There should be no tightness in the shoulder area. Zip or button the coat up, and then draw or raise your arms. Also, it should be large enough to comfortably fit while you wear a light blazer or a sweater. Get a coat that isn't too large, though. Otherwise, you’ll look sloppy instead of refined.

The Color and Material

When choosing the color, consider the clothes you already have. Find a trench coat that matches the color of most of the clothes in your wardrobe. Neutral colors - like beige, dark green and camel - goes with a multitude of colors. Black is a universal color and matches all shades. However, if you want to make a statement, go for vibrant colors like bright pink, red or leopard print.

To choose the fabric, try on a number of trench coats to see what kind of textile you feel most comfortable with. Garments with real fur are not for you if you're against animal violence. Some coats come with synthetic fabric that resembles fur and all its classiness.

Set a Budget

Of course, don’t forget how much you’re willing to spend on a new trench coat. This type of garment can cost $90 to $1500 depending on the brand. Look at your current funds and determine how much you can take out of your wallet. It's a generally accepted fact that more expensive items last longer, so invest a little since you'll be using this piece of clothing many times in a year.

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If you have the money, try having the trench coat men tailor-made. There are stores that offer custom-made coats that suit specific body measurements and fashion tastes like trench coat men hood.