You spend a third of your life sleeping—-unless you have young children like me—-and you spend a third of your life at work. That's a lot of time. But you know what? You really can create the livelihood you desire, make the money you desire, and serve the people you enjoy in the time that you spend kicking yourself for staying at your current job.

Creating a successful business starts out with long hours and lots of sweat, but you won't feel like you're working most of the time. That is, if you choose to create a passionate business based on where your passions and your expertise intersect.

How do you find that juncture? Ask yourself, "What do I love doing?" and "What am I good at doing? What are my friends, family, and colleagues always asking me to do for them?" This is where you start brainstorming for a passionate business that integrates rather than separates your talents, skills, and loves.

How did I embark on the entrepreneurial ship of my dreams? After finishing my PhD in 1996, I taught as an university professor for four years. Still I had a keen, gnawing feeling deep inside that I was meant to do something completely different.

I started taking free business seminars at community colleges in my area "just for fun." Take it from me, hon! Pay close attention to what you do "just for fun"--It can lead you to a place of power, passion, and capability--if you're listening!

During this time, I was offered what would have been my dream job when I finished my PhD, and I turned it down. Yes, let me repeat, I turned it down. And since many of you reading this article are women, I'm going to let it all hang out. On that same day, the guy who had been... indecisive, shall we say?... showed up on my doorstep. I said no to him, too! (Yes, go ahead, slap your knee, and shout out, "You go girl!")

I figured I had nothing else to lose. So why not start anew and create a passionate business? For those of you who appreciate vengeance with integrity, you'll be pleased to know that later I had the opportunity to thank my "indecisive" ex for being a catalyst for my success! Now that, my friend, was a happy day!

You know, success isn't easy. You don't get rich fertilizer unless you start with ___________ (You fill in the blank, dear. Hint: It rhymes with "nit wit".)

I began my business on September 11th, 2000, one year before the Twin Towers came down. That was a decade ago and I've never looked back. And let me tell you, I became profitable in the first quarter of my business. How did I do that? You're going have to click the link in my bio below to find out more, darling.

When I was a professor, I was only 75% happy. That's not too bad--That's happy from the knees up, right? But I believed that it was possible to be 95% or more happy with my livelihood. I decided to integrate everything that I do and make it into a one-of-a-kind livelihood.

You too can create a passionate livelihood out of what you love doing! My life is evidence of that. Never settle for 75%, doll. Never settle for less than you're worth! Your homework right now is to ask yourself these questions in paragraph two: "What do I l love doing?" and "What am I good at doing? What are my friends, family, and colleagues always asking me to do for them?"

WRITE DOWN your answers and start looking at how you could bring together the items on your list. What kind of creative jobs and businesses can you come up with that incorporate at least three or more items on your list?

Stop running from who you are, what you stand for, and what you love doing. Get started on your entrepreneurial ship of dreams and make yours the cruise of a lifetime. Tally ho, hon!

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