Are you interested in becoming a yoga teacher? In the last fifteen years yoga has become very popular in mainstream America and is growing very rapidly. Many yoga students wonder what it takes to teach yoga and if they are ready to take their yoga teacher training . Like most professions, you are never exactly "ready". In fact that what schooling is all about: preparing you for the life lessons and road ahead. But if you feel a burning desire to become a yoga teacher and take your yoga instructor certification , here are some tips to consider:

1. Yoga Alliance - Make sure your school is registered under the Yoga Alliance . Yoga Alliance is a non-profit group that in a sense acts as a centralized organization of checks and balances to make sure everything in the yoga community is running correctly. They are not the "law" by any means but it is good to have them there making sure there are some standards put in place.

2. Paying your dues - Just like any profession you jump in, you will need to work your way up the ladder and pay your dues. Doesn't matter if you are some high paid exec in Wall Street, this community wont care who you were and you are starting over. They pay is not great in the beginning but it will grow as your experience does.

3. Be bold! - As a new yoga teacher you will be standing in front of large groups so if you have any issues with shyness or insecurity you will need to get over this rather quickly. You may be good at yoga, but leading a classroom is an entirely different animal and all eyes will be on you. So be bold!

4. Find the right yoga school - Discovering the right yoga school to take your yoga instructor training is going to be paramount for a number of reasons:

A. You need to feel comfortable with the school and students. If you are not already taking classes at the yoga school, you might want to take some. Or, if they have any teacher trainings happening at that moment, ask if you can pop in and just get a feel for it.
B. They need to be good teachers - The schools head teachers should be considered strong teachers in the yoga community and should have been teaching for at least ten years.
C. The school should offer some guidance and support as to what happens after you graduate.

Taking a Yoga teacher training and becoming a yoga teacher can be very exciting and rewarding. Just remember that the yoga teaching industry is fairly new so the guidelines are still a bit rough around the edges. Good luck on your journey and I will post some more tips later on down the line.

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Sergio DiazGranados, The Yogi Coach, helps Yoga studios and teachers with their marketing, branding, SEO, web design, and yoga business . He has over 18 years of experience in marketing and business and spent five years with one of the largest Yoga media companies, Gaiam. To learn more visit YogiCoach