“How to talk to women” is a question that commonly asked by shy guys who don’t have much experiences with beautiful women. Talking to a mediocre woman is easy as you don’t really care how she would look at you. But when guys talk to pretty girls, they often end up so eager to please them that they usually lose their self-control.

But it is through constant practice that one will be able to get around this type on anxiousness with women. Sound scary? Or are you afraid of being humiliated? Are you afraid of being labeled as a stalker? Well, if you know how to pick the right attitude for the right social environment, those things won’t happen. The knowledge of how to deal with girls will translate to how you will go at different type of situations.

In a social environment such as club or bar

These are the places where most people think they will find the prettiest women and thus think it’s the best place to score. But truth to be told, this is one of the hardest place to do so because usually they already know what you’re trying to do and have their guard up.

Use as an opening line that these girls often have guys that try to pick them up. Pretend to have a discussion with your friend and ask her the lamest pick up line she heard. With this as starter, you automatically start a conversation where the topic is about her and you can escalate it to many different things.

In a friendlier social environment such as mutual friend’s wedding or party

This kind of situation is a lot better than the one stated above. Most of the time, you’ll get warm response whenever you’re trying to talk to a woman here. You have to start with asking how she is related to the host of the party. Throw some jokes about your experience with the host, then immediately move to other subject about her.

Make sure that you don’t make it an “interview” conversation where you keep asking and she gives short answer in return. Avoid factual and yes-no questions at all cost and focus more on questions about ideas, concepts, feelings, and thoughts. What’s the greatest laugh she had when she was with the host? If she migrates to another part of the globe, where will it be? Don’t forget to tease her whenever she gives you her answer as that is the way to flirt with a woman.

When in a grocery or a bookstore

Depend on her mood, this can be easy or hard to accomplish. The good thing is she won’t expect to be approached in such places, so you can get away with lame opener that usually won’t work in a club or bar. But she may be not in the mood to get to know people. One can notice this from her replies. In this case, fall back and don’t push her any further.

A good way to initiate a conversation is standing beside her and asks her to pass an item that located on the shelf she’s browsing. It should be related to the one that she’s holding on, thus you can ask her something about the subject. An easy starter is asking for an item recommendation. Compliment her on her knowledge about the topic, and then proceed with two other items and ask her thoughts on them.

From the examples above, I’m sure you already know how to talk to women. Just keep in mind to initiate with a friendly conversational topic, and then move on to the next topic to increase your attraction and rapport.

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