Decorating your baby's nursery is one of the most fun ways you get to prepare for the arrival of your little one. You spend hours looking over colors, themes and pieces of furniture, searching for the perfect things to make the nursery a special, comforting and stimulating place. As you make these decisions, take a look at vinyl nursery decals and see how they can take a room from cute to stunningly beautiful.

Choosing to use a nursery wall decal is one of the easiest and simplest ways to make a boring, plain room into something flawless and full of interest. Made from matte vinyl and precision cut, wall decals have the look of something done by the hands of a skilled artist. Since thousands of designs and colors choices are available, there is a decal to match the décor of every nursery. Anyone can install a nursery wall decal in seconds. They are just as easy to remove, if you want to reposition it or change your decor, and won't damage the wall.

Chances are that you already have a few things picked out for your baby's room. Whether you only have the family crib and a few stuffed animals or nearly all of the furniture and decor, you'll want to pick out your nursery decals right away. If you choose the nursery wall decal before you have the room fully decorated, you'll be able to choose accessories and knickknacks that will coordinate and compliment the decal. Decide on the feel you want for the room. Should it be pale and dreamy? Bright and happy? Retro and cheery? Posh and cool? Natural and earthy? Keep the desired atmosphere in mind while you pick out both your color scheme and your nursery wall decal. The room should have a color scheme, but it can be chosen either before or after the decal. If color comes first, look for decals in those main colors. If the decal comes first, pick colors for the rest of the room that complement the decal.

Nursery decals come in hundreds of styles and colors, so don't feel limited! If the nursery is pretty small and you have lots decorations already, look for a decal that will ground the look of the whole room. Think of a silhouette of a tree, your baby's name in funky letters, or a favorite quote or saying. On the other hand, if you feel like the nursery is a kind of bland room or just don't know how you'll make it come together, choose nursery decals that can be the centerpiece of the room. Look for intricate, colorful decal designs and put them on the main walls. Let the rest of your decorating point to, reflect and compliment the decal, and you'll have a cohesive, stunning nursery.

Enjoy your hunt for the perfect wall decal! The decal you choose will become a main focal point in your baby's room, so pick a nursery wall decal that feels perfect in every way. Since wall decals draw a room together, choosing one for your nursery will make decorating easy and free you to enjoy your baby!

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The author of this article, who used a nursery wall decal to decorate her new daughter’s nursery, is a graphic designer and mother of three. Once she realized the unique style of nursery wall decals, she decided to use her design experience to craft several new designs. She has submitted those designs to a wall decal company and is hopeful they will include them in a new line later this summer.