The professional summary in your resume will give the synopsis of your career to the hiring managers. It will provide the list of your major accomplishments, job related skills and specialized traits. While writing the resume, you can use the summary of your qualifications at the beginning. This part will give the hiring managers an overview of what information is presented in your resume. This will save their time and get clear idea about your skills and achievements. Here are some resume writing tips to help you know how to present the professional summary in your resume.

How to write professional summary?

Professional summary is the opening section in your resume. It is positioned after your career objective. It can also be used instead of the objective statement; however, most writers prefer to use both – objective statement and career summary. Here are some basic tips for writing this section.
Your career summary should not be more than 4-6 lines. You can use bulleted points to highlight your major job related details

Do not include anything in your professional summary that can set you back in the race. For example, if you had employment gaps in past, or you were terminated for some reason, such details should be strictly avoided in your professional summary. It should clearly talk about your professional background and nothing else
You need to make a lot of research about the position you are applying for. Every individual possess certain skills set. Yu cannot include all your skills in your career summary. Knowing the skills required for working in the position, you can include them in this part of resume. Employer will appreciate if you possess the exact skills required for working in the position

Also it is important to list your academics in your career summary. It is an important part of your career summary. This will help employer to know that you are well qualified to handle the responsibilities and can working efficiently
The professional summary should be altogether the combination of your key skills, personal strengths, accomplishments, talent, experience, etc. The main purpose of the professional summary in your resume is to give reader the complete idea of your work and strengths
Unlike the career objective statement that is about 2-3 lines, the professional summary has to be slightly longer. Using bulleted points will make it more readable and highlight the details in an effective manner.

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