Moving a home-based business can be stressful. Although these businesses are ‘portable’, it is important to consistently have a well-organized and functioning office space. It’s easy to understand why the moving process can be particularly stressful to the home-based business owner. Reviewing the tips in this article may help provide some relief from stress and worries.

Tip #1: Organization, Organization, Organization! The key to any move is planning and preparation that will keep everything organized. Develop a timeline for packing and moving the various elements related to your business.

Tip #2: Clean out, thin out, and re-organize. As you begin sorting through your business items you will probably find you have some things that can be tossed out, others that can be stored more appropriately, and maybe even some items that could be recycled or donated to a charitable cause. Set all of these items aside, as well as any rubbish that you want to dispose of. There is no need to move unneeded those things to your new location.

Tip #3: Take notes. Make notes about any problems or concerns you might have with your current home office space. For example, you may not have sufficient lighting or the flow of the work space may not be as efficient as you like, or perhaps you have too little cabinetry or storage space. Knowing what currently works and what doesn’t will be helpful when you set up your new office.

Tip #4: Investigate & research. If you will be hiring a moving company you should consider several things. First of course will be your budget. Keeping that in mind you should seek out a reputable company that will ensure your belongings will safely be packed, moved and delivered on time. The moving company should work with you to create an inventory of the items you will be moving. Some moving companies can even provide optional services such as the assistance of IT specialists and other experts that can assist in setting up your new office space. Ideally the company will offer a comprehensive plan that has a locked in flat rate price.

Tip #5: Call in the help of professionals. As any business owner knows, paying professionals is a great way to save time and money. For example, using the Bridgeport junk removal services provided by 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is a great way to save time in multiple ways. Tip #2 suggested sorting through your items and setting aside the things you do not need or want. This company can professionally haul those things away for you. They will recycle anything that can be recycled and donate usable items to local charities.

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Linda Smith recently moved her home-based business from Connecticut to a lovely beachfront home in Florida. According to Smith, the move went more smoothly than she anticipated. She contends that planning and calling in help from experts was the key to the ease of her move. Smith used hauling services and the junk removal Fairfield relies on, she called 1-800-GOT-JUNK?.