Selling your property is not stress-free. You do not go to the market and just put a sign "For Sale" and everything will come effortlessly. You have to do something to convince yourself can sell your home speedily and not to let it stay on the market for a long time.

It is measured as pressure on your part because you have to think of ways on how to make a fast sell of your property. If the property halts on the market for a long time, it tends to lower its market value. To make a relaxed sell here are some helpful tips.

Things to be considered before selling your property
When selling your property, it is essential to understand what buyers are purchasing. They are not buying a three-bedroom, two-level home with a two-car garage. They are not purchasing a big courtyard or a nice neighbourhood.

When house pursuing, it is significant to understand that buyers are purchasing a dream. They are not concentrating on where they will sleep at night. When they see your property, they are making a mental image of themselves living there.

When getting prepared to put your home on the market, you must recognize what the buyers are looking for in a property. Yes, walls and fittings are important, but they are buying a lifestyle. This means you need to emphasize the strong living points of your property.

Most people insecurely refer to this as creating curb appeal. In truth, it goes outside the mere appearance of the home. You want to make the home seem comfortable, not austere as many erroneously do. For example, you should always be baking something that smells delightful when showing the List Properties for Sell. For many buyers, this will translate the home from a part of the construction to a livable space and make it easier for them to imagine living there.

Charges to be included before selling your property

  • Repair and remodelling charges: As per your sale agreement, you might have to include repairs on the fixtures (plumbing or electrical) to make the property usable for the buyers. Also, to increase an edge over other properties throughout the sale procedure, you might have to conduct makeover works in your property, such as installing a modular kitchen, repainting walls, or progression the brand of fixtures, among others.
  • Advertisement: To accelerate the process of finding buyers, you might have to use paid advertising methods.
  • Brokerage: If you have employed a real estate broker to aid you in the sale of your property, you have to pay him/her commission for services delivered. This cost can be increased up to one to two per cent of the final sale price of the property (at which the property is being sold to the buyer).
  • Capital gains tax: Your capital gains tax charge will depend on how long you have held the property in question. In case you are selling the property after holding on to it for over two years (post the date of its acquisition), you will earn a Long-term Capital Gains Tax (LTCG Tax).
  • Foreclosure charges: Home loan pre-payment or foreclosure is the accelerated or complete repayment of the outstanding loan amount through higher than initially-agreed upon Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) or one single payment.
  • Lawyer’s fee: If you have to hire the services of a lawyer to act as an advisor on all the documentation and taxation involved, you would have to pay them a fee. This also differs as per the concerned lawyer.
  • Transfer taxes and recording fee: In a bid to get the title moved from your name to the buyer’s name, you would have to pay taxes to the State government or the local authorities.
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