As a new year rolls in, it is also an opportunity for a fresh start. Many people make lofty New Year’s resolutions, but the most effective and successful people resolve to make small changes that can have a big impact. So, resolve to make 2015 a more productive and healthy year by following these simple tips that anyone can do.

Meditate Daily
Meditation has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as increase productivity. By carving out 10 minutes to an hour each day to silently meditate by yourself, you can see tremendous health benefits. Do this in the morning, at night, or at some point during the day when you can be alone. Your clarity and peace of mind will leave you ready to tackle all of life’s challenges.

Doctors’ Appointments
This is the year to finally get on top of your doctors’ appointments. Most of us phone this in and only think about doctors when we get sick. Preventative care is vitally important, though, and can save your life. Start by doing some research on how often you should be getting certain types of screenings and checkups, then create a calendar that allows you to keep up with when you need to make appointments. Remember things like dentist appointments and eye checkups. Often we forget how important these are, but getting your eyes checked, for instance, can help reduce migraines caused by eye problems. Talk to your doctor about any such abnormalities in your health and get back on track with your appointments.

Wind Down at Night with a Book
Instead of checking the internet or your e-mail before you dose off, try reading a book, newspaper or magazine. Not only will this help you sleep better by relaxing your mind, but it gives you an opportunity to read up on something that truly interests you. This could be a great new work of fiction or an article about how to move to the next level in your career. Regardless of the content, taking this time will benefit your health and mind.

Take Time to Organize Your Physical Space
As we go through the week, we often get bogged down in e-mails, meetings and phone calls, getting more stressed out as time goes on. This often leaves our physical space unorganized. Resolve to give yourself a special time each week to clean your physical work or home space. This could mean organizing files or finally taking out the recycling. Whatever it is, your life will be less cluttered, giving you a clearer mindset and making you more productive.

Small changes that improve your health are some of the best resolutions you can make for the new year. Start small with these steps to stay productive, focused and healthy.

Informational credit to Optometrists Clinic Inc.

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