Jumping bandwagon and trying to copy someone else’s success is a technique where you are more often bound to fail. This is the classic case even in the ecommerce sector with a recent survey revealing half of the businesses to be running losses. On the other hand, the report revealed the other half to be recording huge profits. There must indeed to be a different approach that this latter group is undertaking or else they wouldn’t have been successful. So in case you are planning to start an ecommerce website, we give you certain tricks of the trade to get off to an auspicious beginning.

Know your target audience – Knowing your target audience is absolutely vital if you are to attract traffic to your site. Before any ecommerce website creation, you should mentally visualize the way in which your target audience would reach your site. Once this part is done, the next challenge is to present your items in such a way that entices users to buy it.

Know your competitors – And to achieve the former, just have a close look at some of the competitors who are doing well in your niche. Analyzing their data and improvising on it is a great way to start your website. Show users why it would be more beneficial buying from your site than theirs. This could be done by offering better discounts, offering superior quality products, incentives such as points that could later be used for shopping, etc.

Website Layout and navigation – You need to understand that the average internet user has little patience and a website with a bad design could be a real turn off. The same holds true for navigation facilities. If your site isn’t easily navigable or if users are frequently landing on irrelevant pages not related to their search, they won’t stay for long. Worse, with the plethora of options on offer, most of these disgruntled users won’t even come back which means that you may effectively lost some of your target audience on a permanent basis.

Market reputation – In the market, reputation matters a lot and usage of the social media is crucial if you wish to make your ecommerce business successful. Advertising your site through Facebook, Twitter, social bookmarking sites, etc is crucial to create more awareness about your site to the masses. Additionally building your name on search engines too is crucial to get more back links and traffic.

Ecommerce developers can help you in this regard as they can vividly explain each and every step involved in the ecommerce website development process and can highlight points that you may have never thought in the first place.

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Author is Business Development Manager at reputed web design and development company. Besides web design and development, Jinsoft solutions is a reliable name as an ecommerce solution provider. Author has rich experience in open source e-commerce and CMS development like nopcommerce and Umbraco ecommerce.