As per a shared statistic, in the market, there are 211.6 million Smartphones with the Android operating system. This stat is increasing day by day. There are other statistics as well, which proves the popularity of android as an operating system. In the third quarter of the year, the android made the 81% of shipment in a very short time span. The users of Android phones are as crazy about the android applications as they are about their Smartphones. It is not an exaggeration if we say that they are addicted to many android applications. This emerged a growing industry of android application development. If you are willing to make your career as an android developer and looking for guidance on how to start your journey to become a successful developer then this article is written for you. This will guide you with the steps you should take to jump into the alluring and a successful career journey.

Learn and Understand Java First

If you want to learn android development then make sure you understand Java well. You must understand the concepts of Java clearly. By learning Java, you will develop your initial skill for being a good android app developer. There is a plenty of online learning material available for the same.

Start Learning Android Programming

Once you are ready with the knowledge of Java, start learning the android programming. Again, there is a plenty of resources available online to learn this technology. In fact, it is an open source so you can also take help of the community members as and when you get stuck. There are also a few MOOC classes which offer video tutorials and sessions to teach professional android application development.

Build a Demo Android Application

Only learning would not help you much. Start applying what you learn, in the practical application development in android. You can start with simple app programming from whatever you have learned. Don't jump into developing a heavy app with many different features because as a newbie, creating a fancy app is not as important as to develop a fully functional and nice android mobile app. Whenever you feel stuck, take help of the community members of the Android app development. Try to develop 2-3 different types of applications with different features. This will help you to build your confidence and also help in your learning curve.

Apply for Training

As the android app development industry is at its peak, the companies used to be looking for enthusiastic android application developers including fresher’s. Apply for the position of a fresher or Jr. app developer in Android. Don't forget to send the applications you have developed as your portfolio. This will increase your chances to get selected.

Be An Apt Learner

Many fresher lose their vision once they get the job. They spent time in celebrating their job. Many of them get carried away with the new world of internet, friends and other allurements they get at their job. Always be a curious learner. Keep yourself open to learning opportunities. Take initiatives and ask for more work. Sharpen your skills.

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