Resale property in India is as good as the new flats. Owners also try to sell their old property on these kinds of properties. These properties are cost-effective and the best substitutes to your new apartment buying demands. However, the current coronavirus outbreak has put a hold on property purchasing. But if you follow specific rules and maintain standards then you not just can buy a resale property but sell as well.

Benefits of purchasing a resale property in India:
Cost-effective - On resale property in India you can get lucrative discounts.
Ready-made Flat – you will have to wait for the construction to get over. But a resale property or a used apartment is ready to move in instantly. In general, those who sell these kinds of flats, usually keep it furnished and well maintained.

A Silver Lining During Price Rise - If you buy a used suit, then even amidst price rise, it will be a silver lining for you and hold your hopes strong.

Here are some tips to better market your resale property in India:
Get assisted by online real estate portals
Sellers and owners can list their properties on some of the most accredited real estate portals for free. It is as simple as a cakewalk. Just register your property with resale property details and upload photos, to seduce more prospective buyers. Individual listing being free assists wonderfully, your contact details will be pooled with the prospective client, as soon as they express interest in your property. This is one of the stress-free ways of producing leads for free. Though, keep your hopes convincing. The market is slow during the current pandemic and getting an interesting lead could be a little tricky.

Create a video
Sometimes a picture could not speak about a resale property as much as a video can do. It speaks a million. A video walk-through made via smartphone camera seems more realistic and genuine. Take care of proper lighting, cleanliness while you shoot. Start from the outside of the house to proceed inside, and show a clear sequence of rooms and different areas. Upload this video on your property advertisement or posts, as well as social media handles.

Take the assistance of local brokers and their network
Contacting local property brokers in your locality can be of great support. Their network can work great to market your resale property. You will have to pay the commission to the property agent but they take away all your worries and hassles as well. Get a professional photoshoot even to provide a better virtual look to your property. While the payment could be greater, so you need to clear about what your priority is.

Reach potential customers directly through social media
During Corona Pandemic using social media network for your benefit has witnessed as an amazing splurge. Create interesting visuals or use property photos to tell your networks you are looking for a buyer.

During this difficult COVID 19 outbreak, you can rely on your friends and family network for help. There is no certainty when this will end, Let us hope for better days ahead and enough liquidity in the market, so buyers and sellers can perform selling and buyer resale property in India affairs.

Other options to choose instead of selling your property:
Wait till the market rises:
In its place of panic selling, wait for a few weeks. If you are apprehensive about the home loan EMI, opt for a pause, as the last option.

Rent it out:
Renting it out for some time is also a good option. No need to worry about the upkeep of the property then. You could also ask your friends in indispensable services if they can use this property as temporary accommodation.

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Anurag Gupta is an esteemed member of RealEstateIndia.Com, one of the trusted real estate portals in India. He keeps sharing his extensive research in the field of Residential Properties in India by cities through his insightful articles.