To most of you, it would seem inconvenient to cover up a newly designed floor, but according to the interior designers, covering the floors doesn’t mean covering the flaws. Rather it means that you are paying a close attention to every part of your house, even the floors, thereby elevating the aesthetic beauty of the area. And to help you on this endeavor, the furniture shops have introduced a class of rugs and carpets.

Made from different fabrics and having different designs, the online rugs can be place in multiple places all around your house and not just in the living room. But, even though it sounds quite fascinating for the eyes, the same cannot be said for your brain which seems to be in a jumbled world after seeing so many different varieties in different shops.

So, to ease this turmoil in your brain, let’s figure out some of the tips to consider in choosing the best carpet for floor from amongst the hundreds of units you will see.

Decide The Place Where You Would Like To Put The Carpet

Since we have previously said that the online rugs can be placed anywhere in the house, you need to decide the specific areas where you will be placing them. Make sure that the floor has enough space to enhance the beauty of the carpet since overcrowding will only demean the charm of the element.

Consider The Size And Shape Of The Rug

The rugs and carpets come in various shapes and sizes. The size of the rug will depend on how much area you want to cover in the room. For example, a runner rug for stairs will have smaller size than a carpet for the living room.

Also, the shape of the online rugs matters a lot in uplifting the beauty of your room. For instance, a rectangular trainer rug will look good in hallways but a wide square shaped rug will look on the bedroom floors.

Choose The Material Or Fabric Of The Rug Properly

Next topic is the material with which the online carpets or rugs are made. Since there are different materials, here is a small glimpse of the same:

  1. Acrylic which is cheap and very easy to clean. Also, it has a woolen appearance, thanks to the tufting technique
  2. Viscose fabric is for low traffic areas because of its delicacy and high sheen appearance
  3. Woolen rugs are quite popular for more comfort to the sole of the feet
  4. Cotton rugs usually have a flat weave design which makes it a perfect unit for high traffic areas
  5. Sisal is a durable fabric which can withstand a lot of wear and tear and hence is suitable for high traffic areas

Match The Style Of The Rug With The Interiors

Whenever you are buying the rugs and carpets, never forget to match the style of the element with that of your interiors. You can either create a contrast in the look by choosing a carpet having different color palette or you can keep the undertones similar by matching everything.

The Piling Height Of The Rugs Or Carpets Is Important To Consider

The pile height is the height of each woven unit of the fabric which are joined together to form the entire online carpet. Now, generally, there are three types of pile height:

  1. Low pile height will be perfect for high traffic areas since they are more durable
  2. Medium heights are the most versatile and you can actually feel the fabrics under your feet
  3. The most delicate rugs are the ones having high pile height


Since we are nearly done with everything you have to keep on your mind while choosing the rugs and carpets, one last piece of advice- please don’t ignore the budget.

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