Between surcharges on credit cards, commissions, fees for using the ATM and other charges, you will always end up paying a little more for accessing the privilege of exchanging foreign currency. Ever thought about how you can minimize these extra charges while exchanging currency? Did you know that you can easily get the best Swiss franc rate today? Read on to know a few tips which will go a long way in ensuring that you are not spending a little too much on these extra charges.

Do your research to get the best Swiss franc rate
The only way you can know for sure whether you are getting the currency exchanged at the best rate is by checking the Swiss franc rate while making the purchase. There are several banks and money changers that have been traditionally used for money exchange. Each of these sources offers a different exchange rate.

Before you head for your trip to a foreign destination, make sure that you check the Swiss franc rate at several sources for exchanging your currency. If you are going on a long trip, stay abreast of the major changes in the currency exchange rate and prepare in advance.

Avoid purchasing currency at the airport
while leaving or entering a foreign destination, the airport is the first and last place you would visit. There are several currency exchange centers present at every airport and it might seem like the best option for you to exchange your currency. However, be aware of this fact that these currency exchange centers charge a large amount for this service. Also, the Swiss franc rate of exchange would also be pretty high when you compare it with other sources.

This is why you should avoid purchasing currency at the airport and keep this option only as a last resort during emergencies.

Use credit or debit cards only for large purchases
The credit card and debit card companies generally add some charges when you use them abroad. Therefore, it is better that you limit their usage to only the large purchase like while paying the bill of your hotel stay, car rentals or travel tickets.

Use BookMyForex to get the best Swiss franc rate
Although approaching your local bank or the RBI approved money changers may seem like a good option to you for exchanging currency, do not forget that they charge a fee for this service. Also, such sources generally keep a fixed foreign exchange rate today and don’t take the currency exchange rate fluctuations into account.

If you want to purchase Swiss franc at transparent and live exchange rates, opt for money exchange through BookMyForex. The Swiss franc rate on BookMyForex is updated every three seconds to account for the forex rate fluctuations. The forex rates displayed here would be the same as the forex rates displayed on Google, CNBC, etc. Opt for BookMyForex if you want to exchange currency at the best rate in the most convenient way.

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