If you're the owner or manager of a business of any scale that deals with wholesale, forklifts are likely an important part of your day-to-day work. A forklift is a small vehicle with a pronged extension attached to its front, which is used to lift, carry and settle heavy cargo from one place to another, usually in a warehouse or storage unit. A prominent and irreplaceable part of every industry, forklifts are of various types. The most popular type is electric forklifts which run on rechargeable batteries. Here is a comprehensive guide on purchasing the right forklift battery for the first time.

We should first know that there are primarily two types of forklift batteries: lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. Lead acid batteries have subcategories such as wet lead acid batteries, AGM batteries, and so on, but their general characteristics are the same. Lithium-ion batteries are preferred over lead acid batteries due to their enhanced features, longer life, and environmental-friendly design. However, lead acid batteries are known to be toxic, high maintenance, and difficult to recycle. Therefore, lithium-ion batteries are usually recommended when one is looking to purchase a battery for a forklift.  

Listed below are some points we must keep in mind when browsing for the right forklift battery in the market, which will not only help you make an informed decision but will also help you understand what to look out for in a good battery:

  • Know What You’re Looking For: Before entering the market, ensure you know exactly the kind of battery you have in mind. For example, check if it is a 36-volt battery or a 48-volt battery that your forklift requires. Measure the dimensions of the battery compartment properly, so you’re aware of the size, and check the minor practicalities of the matter, such as cable type and cable length.
  • Search Related Brands: Now that you know what you need, browse the available related options. Look at the products offered and their features. Make sure you know your battery model and its variations in the market, so you don’t miss a chance to upgrade on your present requirements.
  • On Finding a Brand, Research Further: When you think you’ve found the right product, don’t rush into the decision and conduct extensive background checks before cementing your decision. Browse product reviews online, check the brand’s credibility, and read the necessary paperwork linked to the purchase. Make sure you know the return policies, warranty, and customer services related to the battery you’re looking to purchase. 
  • Finalize the Decision and Make the Purchase: Once you’re satisfied on all fronts, it is time to make the purchase. After some concluding check-ups on the transportation facilities, usage guidelines, and any necessary precautions you may need to take while handling the battery, place your order and sit back. You’ll have your forklift up and running in no time at all.
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