This is an ugly truth that day by day we grow old and we must accept it. When we are young, we are busy with our family, friends and daily routine but as we grow old we get alone and feeling useless and empty. This is something which we cannot feel at a younger age.

Lonely periods make the thing slow and turn seconds into minutes…and minutes into hours. This is something which a younger person cannot imagine and feel.

In this article, I am going to discuss some of the tips to care older people and to entertain them.

Entertainment for Elders

We must introduce such activities which entertain older people and make them happy. It does not matter, if they are in governmental senior home care or private, we must focus on entertaining them. This will not only make them happy, but you also feel blessed.

For example, you can arrange parties once a week where you invite all your relatives, and this will make them really happy. You cannot imagine that how bad loneliness is and it is the biggest cause of aging and death.

Exercise for Elders

It does not matter which age you are, exercise is a must. It is true that with growing age we are not able to do heavy exercise but here are some exercises which older people can easily do.

•Jogging or Walking
•Indoor Gardening
Aerobics (improves stamina)

These are some of the best exercises for the elder people and they make them busy. Not only these exercises make them busy, but they are also good for their health.

Some More Tips

Following are some more tips to care elderly people.

•Begin Slowly
•Try again and again
•Listen to them carefully
•Keep it calm

As a caretaker, you have the responsibility to look after them and to patiently hear what they ask. Do not be angry as some people as you same thing again and again. This is a profession in which one needs great patience.


In this way, you can care your elders but if you do not have time then you can also hire someone.

There are many companies available now which are offering senior home care, but before hiring one I recommend you search good and check the reviews. Also, see the recommendations from others before deciding.

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