You don't really need an Armani suit or even a Ferrari parked outside to attract women. Understand these 4 suggestions to find out how to make women look at you in romantic way.

There comes a moment in your life when a wonderful girl gets your attention.

All you want to do is talk to her and ask her name but what do you do? She walks away as you stay glued to the floor. Don’t worry; it happens to most men, but not to all. Real men know these tips on how to make yourself more attractive to women, understand these tips closely and that wonderful girl that caught your attention might be your future girlfriend.

Increase your Confidence

Women love confidence. In attracting women; you should know this for a fact. Some of us just get nervous around girls but you need to face the fact that without self-confidence, these tips to attract women will be worthless; you’ll never meet women if you’re too afraid to be a real man.

Don’t worry for hope is still attainable. Number one on my list is to always think highly of your self. You are a man and all men are created equal.

If others can do it, then you could do it too. It all boils down to who has the most courage to do what others can’t.

Stop thinking negatively, positivity breeds positive results. Think and act like you are a confident man. After that your body will follow what your brain is thinking. Bit by bit you’ll feel more confident about yourself and act the way you should have before, what your mind can conceive, your body will achieve.


You’ve worked the whole day and played basketball in the afternoon, before going out take a shower and apply some deodorant. Don’t overdo it with the perfume; women get turned off by strong odors even if it came from an expensive bottle. When going out to meet women, avoid eating spicy foods like garlic and onions, brush your teeth, floss, and gurgle with mouthwash. These will be important so you’ll have the peace of mind to get closer to women without smelling like a homeless man.

Visit the barber for crying out loud, that lousy unkempt look you’re going for is not going to attract women, maybe flies, but not women. Maintaining a long mane can only be pulled of by a handful of men, and while you’re in the barbershop, ask for a good old clean shave.

Wearing nice clothes never hurt anyone. Look extra sharp and check the way you garb yourself. Wearing the right type of clothes tells a woman that you know what you’re doing. A man in nice clothes projects a leader type of individual and shows the world that he is not a pushover. See if your clothes are too tight or too loose; ask your friends and family for advice on how to choose clothes that matches your body. Go shopping in clothing shops and ask what clothes suit you; they’ll be willing to be of service.

Leave the House

Ogling at your crush’s Facebook profile won’t do you any good, if you really want to be with women then go outside. Eat out; go to bars, workout in a gym, wherever you want as long as there are plenty of single available women. Dating works best with proximity, playing with your X-box all day long won’t do you any good.

And when you see a girl you want, the next step on tips to attract women is to….

Talk to Her!

I frequently ask my friends why they have problems talking to women. All they tell me is the reasons and the excuses to hide the fact that they don’t want to be rejected. What my friends have in common is not having the guts to talk to a girl, get her number, and ask her out.

Women like assertive men, so if you are feeling a little nervous or scared, man up! Be brave enough to ask a girl and face two things, one is you may get rejected. Life is full of rejections; you need to realize that as long as you live you will encounter them; the only good thing from this is that being denied by a girl pales in comparison to life’s other letdowns. When a girl denies you, just move on and look for another girl, life goes on.

The second thing that may happen if you talk to a girl is she’ll be interested enough to talk to you. If that happens then tell her your name, ask hers after, talk about the environment or the weather, your goal here is to get her to converse with you.


You’re now talking with a girl; it’s not that difficult right? In the first place, all you had to is man up and speak to her. Real men have self-confidence, and that is what women want. Believe in yourself always and these tips to make your self more attractive to women will come natural to you and your coming activities, I wish you the best of luck!

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Now that you know the fundamentals, read more recognizing the signals that you can get more on how to get a woman in bed. Of course, continually show alpha male characteristics in your every action; that will offer you advantages other guys don't have.