With a number of options of products in the market and in-store, purchasing and picking a bath rug and mat is definitely challenging for many online consumers. If you thought to google best bath rugs and mats you will discover a wide range of sections bases upon on material, shape, colour, designs and price. Discovering bath mats and rugs is not rocket science. Here in the article, we look at the best tips for buying the best bath mats and rugs. Let's start.

1. Safety Is the vital part

The main important thing in selecting bath mate and rugs is looking for safety. Have you ever found that why much accidents happen in the bathroom than other room in your home? It doesn't matter how pretty design patterns and colours were if you bathroom rug or mat isn't safe for you to step your feet on it you are in danger. So, the first thing you should ensure if your bath rug or mat is slip-resistant for your family and yourself.

If you fully love with a rug but doesn't seem safe buy slip-resistant coating sheets. Apart from slip-resistant, buy a bathroom mat or rug is super water-absorbent and fast drying. This can make another accident if your mat or rug remained wet for a long period after you step out of the shower. Taking security measures in your bathrooms is very critical. Wherewith AVI Living you can feel safer in your bathroom and other wet spaces.

2. Choose Colours

After choosing your safety it's time to play with colours. In terms of home decorating, people don't think of the bathroom as a place to display their style. But those need to know that bathroom is even important as any other room mainly it that bathroom opens onto master bedroom or powder room which offers you a great chance of matching decor to your rest of the house. Pick solid colours and even exotic designs, if you like to choose a mat or rug which bring a room together and even add to the whole design of your bathroom by displaying your different personality.

Small rugs or mats are best for patterns which never overwhelm your eyes. For instance, you can pick to change your bathroom to the spa-like room along with relaxing hues of green and blue that are mean to display the ocean colours. Solid colour with basic geometric shapes can also be a great option. You can even pick your bathroom to match the decors of your room. If your room is filled with pink or low colours with flower designs you can pick a floral rug or mat in pastel colours. Your rug or mat can also incorporate your accessories colours like yours with your curtains, shower curtains, towels and more colours which are utilized in your room to add much feel in your bathroom. Aviliving provides a huge range of collection of bath mats and rugs to match any of our taste and style.

3. Material

Next important things is to pick the material of your mat or rug which is another crucial part. Your mat or rug is likely to exposed to water daily which means it should be durable and even it needs to be last for a very long time. Cotton rugs are common and extremely absorbent and quickly dry. They are even soft to put your feet on which makes comfy for sensitive feet. Egyptian rugs are even soft to touch and comfy. You can also look at woven and other fibres made bath mats and rugs but these can't be soft like cotton.

You also need to consider a material which is easy for washing. Aviliving rugs and mats are manufactured from organic cotton and recycled materials which made it soft and sustainable for humans and the environment. These rugs and mat are durable, non-slip resistant and stay same after multiple waves too.

4. Pattern

Like we discussed above like any other roombood pattern suits well for the bathroom while the rest of your use is minimal and neutral in style. Boldness can be in the size of pattern choice. By the scale of the patterned rug, most people love pattern which is big to view from enhance if the bathroom yet still has exciting details up close. Consider the pattern which can match with other patterns of items in your bathroom.

Where should I use rugs or mats in the bathroom?

● Large rugs can be placed before bathtub
● Smaller rugs or mats suitable and ads a touch to sink
● You can two or more rugs if you have space.

Finally safety, colour, material are the crucial points to look at if you are going to buy a bath rug and mat. You can get this thing in one place at AVI Living. Availing bath mats and rugs are made from 100% organic cotton which is grown without pesticides and other harmful chemicals and even verified by OEKO-TEX. AVILiving modern design brings a look of nature to your spaces. These rugs and mats are sustainable, durable. Extra-long fibre makes it quick-dry and soft and even water-resistant seat and an anti-slip mat. Check AVI Living bath mats and rug collection today.

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