Interested in playing netball? Want to buy best quality netballs online? Here are some basic information and tips about choosing a good quality netball and an idea about how to choose renowned netball manufacturers and exporters.

Netball which is derived from early version of basketball, began in England. Netball is played by two teams of seven players in each team. It is played in a rectangular court with raised goal rings at each end where each team tries to make goal by throwing the ball through the opponent’s goal ring.

Netballs are easily available in online stores. Before ordering the ball from any Netball Mnufacturer, you must know about certain important features which makes the product worthy.

Long functional life – For good performance and long functional life, it is important to use good quality materials while manufacturing the netball. Netballs which are manufactured with nano technology compound rubber, offers better grip and durability.

Light weight – A good netball should be light weight as it becomes easy to carry the ball and thus improves performance of the players. A size 5 netball weighs between 400 and 450 grams.

Bladder – There are two qualities of netballs if you go by the bladder of the ball. The one which is of high quality are expensive and comes with high air retention performance bladders. These netballs help in good performance. There are other netballs, relatively lower in price and quality, have rubber bladders, which are comparatively low in performance.

Size – Size 5 netballs are a standard size which are used in matches, training sessions and recreational purposes.

Visibility – Bright coloured netballs give the best visibility. Visibility is very important because there are instances where netball training sessions or matches are held during night. In that case, bright-coloured netballs with high visibility are recommended.

Grip – A pimpled exterior enhances the grip. So, it is advisable to choose netballs with high gripping quality which will enhance the control and durability of the ball.

Now, as you are aware of some of the qualities of a good netball, it will be easy for you to choose a good netball manufacturer. There are some manufacturers who are exporters as well. They export netballs in different countries outside India. Price is also an important thing to notice before buying a netball. There are renowned netball manufacturers who will provide you with the best quality netball at a very reasonable price. So always compare prices between different manufacturers before finalizing anyone.

Apart from all the qualities which we just discussed, there is another quality which is a must have in a good netball. It should be designed in such a way that it can be easily cleaned. A clean and hygienic netball will definitely enhance the performance.

Therefore, go through different websites, compare prices, read customer reviews and know about the quality of raw materials used for manufacturing a netball. Then only you will be able to choose the best netball manufacturer and exporter from whom you will get the best quality netball.

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