Multi tools have simplified the craftsman’s work to a greater extent with its flexible features. Due to its oscillating nature, it is also known as an oscillating multi tool. The increasing demand for multi tools among the craftsmen is due to its design which allows attachments of different types such as saw, blade, grind, polish and scrape. Among all the equipment, blades are used frequently with the multi tools to perform different types of work. Most often oscillating tool blades are used not just by craftsman but homeowners too, because many people find it safe and very handy. Almost all of ones home improvements can be performed quite easily using these blades, which are available in different patterns and quality. However, identifying the right oscillating tool blades is always a tough task due to the endless design and patterns of the blades. Always remember that only the right blade can assist you to accomplish your task successfully.

Here are few effective tips that might assist you to find out the right oscillating tool blades:

First finalize your option according to your budget:

Presently, you can find many types of blades that vary greatly in price. For example, Fein blades are expensive. So, you have to analyze your budget and finalize your price limit. If you require blades for personal use then you can opt for low quality since you may be using it for very few projects. However, craftsman must look for high quality blades which last longer and perform the tasks effectively without the need for regular maintenance.

Examine the patterns:

There are different types of patterns such as circular flat, halfmoon flush, flush scraper, flat scraper, japan tooth and much more. Depending upon the task, blades pattern differ. So, you must choose the right pattern to finish your work effectively.

Look for latest models:

Latest models such as universal replacement blades can fit over 30 different makes and models. So, choose these types of latest models, this would reduce your work and effort considerably. Moreover, you can finish your work successfully within a shorter span of time, since these blades can fit in almost all the multi tools on the jobsite. Now you do not need look for different blades for different models.


Depending upon the quality of the material in which they are made, the price differ vastly. If you need a long lasting blade, then you must look for top brands that might be quite expensive but would surely be a worthy investment. For example, Milwaukee blades for m12 are expensive. However, you should check the quality because some expensive blades may not meet your expectations.

All these effective tips might help you to grab the best oscillating tool blades for accomplishing your task successfully.

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Oscillating tool blades are gaining more popularity among people due to there flexible features. The author is an expert in the blade technology and has written several articles regarding Fein blades and Milwaukee blades in the past.