A buyer looks for assurance. When buying a house, you would want to be sure that your money is well-spent. Therefore, most real estate purchases involve an inspection of the property. During the home inspection Hiram GA home inspectors will look for any damages and flaws in the house. However, an inspection is only as effective as the inspector involved. Therefore, buyers need to choose an inspector they can trust, and here are the tips for doing just that.

Don't Rely on Your Agent

Your real estate agent's home inspector referral, though well-meaning (or not), poses a conflict of interest. An agent wants to close a deal, while you want to buy a safe house. Therefore, it is always better to find a home inspector by yourself instead of relying on your agent.

Choose Trustworthy Referrals

Reach out to your friends or acquaintances who have recently purchased a new house for inspector referrals. They will provide you with firsthand experience and review. Alternatively, you can check out online communities like NextDoor or Patch and review sites like Yelp for trustworthy sources and referrals.

Check the Credentials

Once you have rounded up your top choices, it is time to check the credentials of the home inspectors. Check if they have sufficient certifications and have completed the requisite hours of training. These requirements change from state to state. For instance, Florida requires at least 120 hours of training and passing an examination, whereas Georgia does not have any formal requirements.

Compare Past Inspection Reports

The next step is to compare the past inspection reports of your choice of inspectors. Doing so will give you an idea of what you can expect when they inspect the house you are eyeing. You will also be able to see whose report is more detailed and meet your expectations.

Do Consider Experience

Credentials and past reports will let you know of their expertise and work approach. However, looking at their experience tells you how many houses they have inspected in the past. This will indicate their level of knowledge on the various issues and their solutions in a house.

Find the Services You Get

Most home inspectors will provide the standard service with an option of add-on services like drone-view of the roof, etc. Some may offer these extra services for free. Before making the final choice, check out what you will get for the money you pay.


The right home inspector can help you make the best purchasing decision. With accurate information and guidance, they will give you enough to decide whether to buy a house or not, along with maintaining it if you do. These tips will help not only to choose a qualified home inspector but also to buy your dream house.

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