Infertility a hurdle in your path towards parenthood can be quite devastating in terms of emotional balance and for relationships. Every couple dreams of a happy family with offspring of their own. Nature sometimes puts us and our relationships to the test with a very sensitive topic as infertility. In India, it is every more sensitive and tabooed. Every family member would be looking up to a new couple to quickly become a family. Everyone loves children around. Just in case you are facing problems in conceiving or bearing a child beyond the expected time of the family members they put a lot of pressure on the couple. Family pressure is not the only factor at work, even the partner in a relationship puts pressure on each other, peer group and you take on a lot of unwanted pressure of the situation. This could prove very damaging to your self-esteem, the relationship with your spouse and could lead to many other psychological and physiological conditions.

De-stressing through your infertility period or the period you are being treated for infertility could be quite testing but it has to be done to keep you in a balanced state of mind and away from psychosomatic disorders.

Let's look into some very vital and effective methods of de-stressing during these highly disturbing times you go through while facing infertility problems and deciding on how to plan your family.

1 Understanding what you are feeling about the infertility problem and the condition is perfectly normal. Going through the tests and procedures could drain you emotionally, physically and financially. The feeling of uncertainty about the outcome or loss of control of your body could be very disturbing.

2. Share your fears, feelings and questions with your close kin or to a counselor if available in the facility you are getting treated for infertility. Sharing your fears and feeling can always ease a lot of burden on your mind.

3. Crying and being angry when you get bogged down by the surrounding pressure and negativity can surely ease you out a lot. Keeping your feelings locked up inside you could do a lot more harm than being able to vent it in any form to make you feel relieved.

4. Journal jotting is a very comforting and soothing activity when it comes to de-stressing. Journals are friends where you can pour out your emotions and avoid judgemental or unwanted responses from the other person.

5. Staying connected is one of the best remedies for any pressure or stress or a depressing state. Having good company and joyful people around you could be most of the time very relaxing and can take your mind off disturbing topics.

6. Infertility may take a toll on you and your spouse as both will be going through emotional turmoil and family pressure with unspoken resentment and feeling of inadequacy. Talking and discussing or even going to a counselor about your feeling and resentments could take a lot of load off the couple. It is always important to back your spouse in such a matter and be supportive throughout the process.

7. Strained strings between the couple could be rekindled with a bit more tenderness and romance brought back into your life to get your moods up and the love and support between the spouses. This could surely pep up the spirits and positive mindset in the couple to fight the situation together.

8. One of the worst causes of stress is uncertainty and ignorance about the situation and your future. The more you are aware of the situation, the process towards normalcy and the amount of time you would take to get back on track would release a lot of stress arising out of anxiety and uncertainty. Being aware of your chances of being a parent, the options available to your condition of infertility, the financial aspect and your current medical condition could make the future more clear and make your clogged-up mind a bit more eased.

9. Trying or adopting one of the different techniques to reduce stress like picking up a hobby, meditating, support group therapy and exercising could be of great help.

10. Another excellent way of calming yourself is by practicing deep breathing techniques which can be done anywhere or in any situation alone or with your spouse. This technique almost always calms you down in anxious, tensed or stressed situations.

Infertility can surely stress you out but you need to learn to cope up with stress and keep yourself calm and poised at all times and think positive.

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