Want to give your coworker a completely different gift as a remembrance or gift a family member something thoughtful? You may not have even considered this but bobbleheads make adorable gifts! You can get them customized easily and give the recipient of this gift a lifetime of good memories! Thre are many websites online that allow you to design your own bobbleheads that are then delivered to your doorstep when it is completed. There is a huge list of options to choose from or you can get them fully customized as per your preference.

Best Personalized Bobblehead Dolls

But if you are worried that you may not be able to design the perfect figurine, then these tips will help you create the best custom bobblehead.

Take personality traits into account

When designing a custom bobblehead, you need to not only incorporate the physical features but also personality traits that will make it more relatable and authentic. One thing you need to keep in mind is that they are a caricature art and are not supposed to look exactly like the person. So if you really want your bobblehead to look and feel like the recipient then be sure to add some personality quirks to it.

Observe your friend or coworker closely and notice their behavioral eccentricities. Is there something they do that makes them unique? Do they like to show off their muscles after a workout? Do they have certain facial expression that always reminds you of them? Think carefully and write down a few quirks that you can think of. Build a list after observing some idiosyncratic behaviors etc.

Once you have a few things to work with, ask your bobblehead designer for their suggestions. They can give you some expert advice as to what would look the best on your custom bobblehead gift. You need to understand that the Best Personalized Bobblehead Dolls are crafted with thoughtfulness and care. So don't be hesitant to put in the extra effort!

Include important details

If you really want your bobblehead to be truly special, then try to include specifc details such as brands that the subject likes to wear or any specific type of cliothing they prefer? You can dress your bobblehead figurine in their favorite dress or color.

Another interesting idea is to immortalize your figurine engaged in their favorite hobbies. Do they like to play guitar? Do they love to play golf in their spare time? Do they prefer to read when they have a few hours to kill? Imagine your bobblehead figurine holding the recipient’s favorite book! It cannot get more personalized than this!

Pay attention to details

When designing your bobbleheads, don't forget to add permanent characteristics such as tattoos, piercings etc. You can also consider adding their favorite jewelry and hair accessories or put glasses on them if they wear one in real life.

It is these tiny details that will make your custom bobblehead more relevant to the person it is intended for. You can make a list of all the important details you want to be included into the custom bobblehead figurine. This extra step will ensure that you have everything in order when you place the final order!

Make it relevant to the event

Are you giving a personalized bobblehead as a wedding present or a farewell gift? The event for which this gift is intended can be the highlight in designing your figurine. If you are giving it as a wedding present, then you can make a bobblehead of both bride and groom. You can also gift one to your coworker who is retiring from his years of service.

Designing bobbleheads is an intense exercise because you have to be thoughtful and considerate when chalking out the details. Most importantly, you must know the person closely to include all the intimate details in their figurine and make it more personalized.

Custom bobbleheads are an endearing gift that will stay with your near and dear ones for years to come. They can look at it fondly and always remember the bond that they have shared with you.

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