Aside from smoking marijuana, it’s now pretty common for people to eat them. Cannabis-infused food, otherwise known as edibles, is fast becoming a big industry in many states where it’s legal (slowly taking over the world). These days, we are seeing edibles in college dormitories, restaurants, and many celebrations. In fact, reports are saying that more and more people are opting to eat their weed rather than smoking it.

But do you know the right amount of weed to add into your meal? Do you know the right weed strain to use? Read on as we give you five tips to determine the right amount of dose, strain, and other factors to help you get the best possible experience from cannabis edibles.

1. Determine the dosage of marijuana. New regulations have mandated manufacturers to list the THC and CBD content of their products, making it easier to determine how much you are ingesting. The standard dose is at 10 grams but for novices, the recommendation is to start with half of that. Edible products are packed in a variety of doses to cater to people who require different cannabis levels to get high.

2. Consider your tolerance. Just like most things, tolerance can vary depending on several factors. Continuous and increased THC use will always result in a higher tolerance level, which is why first-timers are always encouraged to start with small doses. There are users who report feelings of paranoia, anxiety, and dizziness when they consume THC and CBD in large doses, which are effects that may be further amplified for newbies.

3. Start low and slowly work your way up. You need to practice lots of restraint to have a smooth weed edible experience. The secret to doing this is to not rush the process. Start by eating one edible and waiting to feel its effects for at least 30 minutes; only consume a second piece once you feel the effects of the first one kick in. With this technique, you can better control the situation and decrease your risks of getting a hangover.

4. Eat something before getting high. Using edibles on an empty stomach is not exactly frowned upon, but it’s usually better to eat beforehand. If you have to eat edibles on an empty stomach, reduce the quantity of edibles you would normally take to reduce any unpleasant effects. Also, be careful when mixing alcohol and edibles, as alcohol can amplify the effects of THC.

5. Settle in your safe place. Look for a safe place that you’re familiar with and feel comfortable in. Although you should only experience mild reactions to edibles (if you’re taking a conservative amount), there are some cases where users have “freaked out” under the influence. It’s also better to take an edible with a trusted friend who knows the process and how it feels so they can put you at ease in case you do experience any unpleasant effects.

When it comes to eating edibles, the most important tip to note is that the whole process is 100% in your control. Don’t be thrown off by the lower amount of marijuana edibles that you’ll initially consume. Remember that you’re first building your tolerance as you work your way up the ladder. Visit a reputable weed dispensary to learn more about edibles.

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