Everyone wants a stable career with a well-paying job. Education can be costly and naturally, most of us look for courses that are a good return on investment so that our salary reciprocates the amount spent on schooling. Not everyone can afford the high cost of education in college which puts them at a disadvantage and prevents them from pursuing their desired course.

Opt for trade schools instead of college:

Trade schools are a great option for students who have financial difficulties in securing a seat in a reputable college. Just like universities trade schools offer courses in a wide variety of streams like mechanics, pharmacists, electricians, technicians, diagnostic medical sonography, and many more. Enrolling in reputed trade schools opens possibilities of great job opportunities.

Trade schools don’t focus on just education like universities. They are also focused on imparting hands-on education that is essential for employment which earns them the name, ‘Technical schools’. The low cost of education coupled with a shorter period of learning (2 years) with excellent hands-on training makes trade schools an attractive prospect for many.

How do I select a trade school?

  • Credentials: The reputation of the trade school influences a student’s success. Accredited schools offer better training since they have to meet a certain set of requirements. 
  • Hands-on experience: In any technical field practical knowledge is very important to sustain in a career. Trade schools in general offer more hands-on experience than universities and prepare the students to handle real-world situations at the workplace.
  • Interactive learning environment: Students should be able to approach staff easily and clarify their doubts. Trade schools where the staff to student ratio is around 1: 18 is excellent since they promote a positive learning environment.
  • Technology: To meet the requirements of ever-evolving technological advancements, trade schools should be armed with updated technology so that their graduates are skilled to handle the recent advancements.
  • Job placement assistance: The job market is highly competitive and challenging. A good trade school prepares its students to handle the competition and secure a job easily. 

Short-listing a reputable trade school can be challenging and Trade School Careers makes the job easy for us by assessing them based on several factors before presenting a list of the best trade schools. If you want detailed information on top trade schools, you can find more hereCheck out the consolidated list of the top 5 trade schools.

Top 5 Trade Schools:

  • Pinellas Technical College, St. Petersburg: Their wide range of CEO-certified and state-approved online courses are accessible from anywhere online and the curriculum of each course is carefully crafted.
  • Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center:  The sole aim of the school is to provide in-depth knowledge to students making them competent in their fields.
  • North Dakota State College Of Science: The duration of courses starts at 6 months onwards and their programs offer comprehensive career training.
  • Northcentral Technical College: Their simulative and diverse environment prepares students to bag outstanding career opportunities.
  • Washburn Institute of Technology: With over 200 courses offered, the school is one of the most affordable options to get access to quality training 

Enrolling in reputed trade schools opens the door to great job opportunities. Do research thoroughly before making a selection for a stable career.

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