India is not limited to the metropolitans like Chandigarh, Delhi, or Mumbai; the true essence of the country lies much beyond the boundaries of these urban cities. When you are a foreigner traveling for the first time in India, you have to take care of a few things to have a comfortable ride.

Avoid travel burnout 

Since India is a vast and diverse country, you may want to experience everything in very little time, which leads to exhaustion for the first-time travelers. Despite the efforts you put in, you can never see every corner of the country. That is why; it is better to plan your itinerary in such a way that you can spend the required time in one city rather than hop from one town to the other. The colors of each village and town are addictive, but you need some time to absorb the unique spirit and texture of a place. 

Go to reach the villages and small towns

Although it sounds too clichéd, the only way to capture the true essence of India is to reach out to the small towns and villages. The urban cities are over-populated that may not provide much relief to your tired senses. When you come from a foreign urban nation, all you want is to experience the fundamental elements of another country. You can go to slow-moving towns of Kerala or reach the mountains in the North for peace.

Be careful of your food

You might have come across it many times, but it is essential to watch for the food you eat and the drinks you select. Although it is good to be careful, you should not bar the street foods entirely for their sheer abundance of flavors. You will miss out on the vital part of Indian culture if you do not snack on street delicacies. However, rather than eating them from roadside stalls, you can find out decent outlets that can provide the authentic street food with proper hygiene. Depending on the region, you can easily know about various outlets from the locals.

No personal space exists

You might be habitual of having your private bedroom or even home in your nation if you come from the western world. However, you will be shocked to realize that the definition of individual space does not exist in this country. You will have to share even four square feet of space in a lift, and every inch of room in public transport. People do not think twice before squish-squashing anyone and do not apologize for it. Moreover, once you meet anyone, he or she may ask apparently offensive and intrusive questions from you, which is just a part of their curious conduct. They do not mind asking serious questions about someone's life and consider themselves as a friend of everyone who comes to their nation since a guest is God in their eyes.

An alternative to travel in public transport

Going from one city to the other in public transportation can be quite painful in India, which is why you may want to hire a cab. If you can drive comfortably in the country, which is no easy task either, you can hire Self Drive Cars In Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai, and many other metropolitans. Although the car rentals are available in a few cities, you can take them anywhere you want and return them to their original destination. It is challenging, yet fun to drive in India. You just need to have a valid international driver’s license from your country and a good deal of experience in driving to enjoy maneuvering the car in India.


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