Ferroalloys were made to enhance the properties of steel and make it much stronger by introducing certain alloying elements in an economic process. They are iron alloys and are made by combining molten iron with specific chemical elements in the desired quantity. It needs quite an expertise in this field to produce quality ferroalloys, inexperienced labour will make mistakes in the ratio of the elements and hence you cannot get top-notch alloys.

How Ferroalloys are made:

Ferroalloys can generally be made by two processes namely in a Blast furnace and an Electric Arc Furnace.

Blast Furnace: In a blast furnace produces liquid metals by the reaction of the flow of oxygen which is made to go under pressure into the bottom of the surface with a metal ore, coke, and flux which is fed into the top. Coke is lighted at the bottom and burns fast with a rapid flow of air(oxygen). The lava formed consists of Limestone, Flux, coke ashes, and elements formed by the reaction of impure substances in the ore with the flux. The flux floats on top of the molten iron. Hot gases rise from the combustion zone which heats fresh material in the stack and passes out through ducts near the top of the furnace. The raw materials need 6 to 8hours to come to the bottom of the furnace where they become the final product.

Electric Arc Furnace: An AC Furnace is powered by a three-phase electrical supply and hence it has three electrodes. It consists of a refractory-lined vessel which is usually water-cooled in larger sizes, covered with a detachable roof through which graphite electrodes enter the furnace. An AC furnace is capable of producing 80 metric tons of liquid steel in almost 50 minutes from charging with cold scrap and tunnelling the furnace

How to select the best Ferroalloys Company in India:

The Ferroalloys sector is competitive in today's world; there are thousands of Ferroalloys companies in India. We need to research and wisely select a company so that we can avail of the best services and products.

  • Reliability- When we do our research we need to first find out whether the company is reliable or not. Reliable in the sense whether the company delivers the product at right time. The Corporation must not cheat its customers and maintain transparency. The company should gather customers' trust to be a reliable company.
  • Labour force: The ferroalloy supplier in India should have a strong and experienced labour force. Making Ferroalloys is a complex job. A bit of mistake from inexperienced labour can damage the desired final product, which can lead to the company's loss as well as customer dissatisfaction.  Determining the adequate proportion of elements in making Ferroalloys is very delicate. That is why we need expertise and labour power to get premium quality ferroalloys.
  • Authentication & genuineness: A company should be authentic and genuine to its customers. We can find that out by checking the previous works of the company and going through their client testimonials. More the customer base, the better the company.
  • Infrastructure: A company with a good modern infrastructure will produce good quality Ferroalloys. We can find out whether a company has modern machines which will meet the needs of customers, we need to find out which machinery can produce modern Ferroalloys, and ask the company's executive whether they have such advanced infrastructure or not, The excellence of alloys depend on it.
  • Pricing: The silico manganese manufacturer in India should have a comprehensive and competitive. If the prices are too low that means they are sacrificing the product quality, on the other hand, if the prices are too high, then the company is focusing more on its profit, there should be market-oriented pricing, we can find that out by visiting several other company's websites.

Considering these vital points, do your own research and opt for the best ferroalloys in India.

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