Mortgage can be a real headache if you end up with the wrong broker or organization. And it can get your whole home-buying process spiraling down in an instant. For this reason, it is essential to fight the right kind of mortgage provider to suit your needs and budget. Here are a few tips on how you can find one in Canada.

• Types of mortgage providers
i. Direct lenders – Direct lenders are big organizations such as banks and online entities who pay directly to the customers without any middle men
ii. Mortgage brokers – These are licensed professional who form a link between the lenders and borrowers and get a share of the profit from both the parties.
iii. Wholesale lenders – They only contact mortgage brokers to give loans at a discounted rate.
iv. Portfolio lenders – Savings and loan organizations that get funds from their customer’s deposits.
v. Hard-money lenders – Property-based short-term loans that are given against real estate.
With so many confusion options, an amateur is most definitely overwhelmed. Even professionals and people used to this process may at time be confused while choose the right mortgage provider in Canada then. You can follow these few tips to find the one that suits your needs and also compare Canadian mortgages.

• Get your credits in check
Check on your previous debts and get your finances in order. You will need to get your credit score up to even be considered for a mortgage by the providers in the first place. That is a prerequisite. Pay off the payment for your credit cards to keep your score up. If you have a good credit score, you are considered as reliable by the providers to repay the loan well in time and so you are at a greater chance of being loan-approved.

• Decide on a budget
Lenders are obviously going to push you take the biggest amount possible as mortgage, leaving hardly any room for other expenses. But that will not be quite a favorable situation for you. Decide your budget before-hand. Since you know your finances best, do not go to the mortgage providers’ office clueless about your budget. Have a number in mind so you know what to ask for.

• Know your options and look for brokers accordingly
We have already mentioned the types of mortgages available usually. You choose the one which best suits your needs. This way it will be easier to choose a mortgage provider who caters to those needs. It is always a good idea to see a broker instead of going to the bank directly as brokers tend to give you a lot many options considering your benefit.

• Compare their rates
Visit the offices of many brokers personally and talk to them about the options. Have a list of all that so you can later compare the rates and offers in your own time to determine which one is the best. It is good to keep many options so if one doesn’t work out, you still can rely on the remaining others.

• Evaluate them
Read reviews about the brokers you met. Are there good reviews and testimonials? Are they recommended by the neighborhood? How many years of experience do they have? Are they legally certified and have the right credentials? You can find all this information on the internet ideally, especially if they have a well updated website.

• Always read the fine print
Finally, read everything given by them, even the fine print; especially the fine print. There are hidden terms and conditions that you should be well aware of so stay alert and make sure you have read everything twice before signing on any paper.

Buying a house is a big deal in itself, so at least make the mortgage process easier for yourself by following these few easy steps. We wish you all the very best for the same.

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