Air traveling is becoming the most coveted mode of transportation for most people as it saves lot of time. While majority of people travel in economy class, there are some who prefer flying in business class and first class. It is needless to say that for luxurious traveling in business and first class, one has to pay higher rates of tickets
Cheap business class flights – it is reality

People had a notion that flying in business class or first class meant burning a hole in the pocket. But with cheap flights business class, things are not that expensive. There are many ways in which cheap tickets can be obtained for flying in luxurious class and you can save quite few hundred dollars. Also flying in cheap business class does not mean that the services and facilities will be compromised with. They will remain the same while paying less for the travel.

Tips on getting cheap business class flights

•Airfare geo-arbitrage

The place or country from which the flight originates plays a crucial role in deciding the prices of business class tickets. There are countries from where business class flights are cheaper when compared to other destinations. If the mentioned country is far off from your country, availing the opportunity might not be possible always. Otherwise you can avail airfare geo-arbitrage to your greatest advantage.

•Airfare sales

You might be lucky in getting the cheapest business flights during airfare sales. Quite frequently international airlines sell premium cabin seats at amazingly low prices. This is usually done for filling up the empty seats in the flight or to give stiff competition to another airline. These sales offers are mainly given during special times like Christmas or other festivities when the rush of getting flights is more. Providing discount and sale offers at those times will be beneficial for the customers as well as for the airline in question.

•Joining frequent flyer schemes

This is one of the best ways of getting business class and first class seats in flights at amazingly low rates. Frequent flyers can accumulate points against every travel and these points can help in upgrading to higher levels. Getting to ‘Premier’ or ‘Gold’ levels can bring in added facilities for the passengers and they can be upgraded to better seats without the need of spending more for the same.

•Fly in lesser known airlines

Reputed and internationally known airlines usually don’t lower fares so easily. If you are looking for cheaper flights for flying business class or first class, try flying in lesser known airlines. These airlines can undercut the major carriers and offer excellent deals on business class airfares. It is true that the services and facilities might not be as elite and prime as the internationally reputed airlines, but you can manage the same if you are able to save few hundred dollars in the business class airfare.

•First check-in or last check-in can fetch awards

If you are looking for discount business class flights, this tip could be really beneficial. You can either check in first or check in last for availing some amazing deals that the airline offers. Upgradation chances are boosted greatly with this tip. Online check-in is possible 24 hours before the departure of the flight. In case the flight is overbooked, you might be lucky in getting an upgrade to business class with first online check in. arriving towards the end and going for the last check-in can also prove to be fruitful for you. With all the economy seats filled up, you might be given an upgradation to business class without the need of paying highly for the same.

•Dress properly and approach the airline staff with a smile

When you are looking to be upgraded to the business class or the first class, you should be presentable for the same. The old t-shirt and the casual flip flops are strict no-no in such situations. Try dressing in semi formals if not in full formals so that upgrading to the higher class makes you look like the ‘elite’ class who travel in business class and first class.

Your flight upgradation is somewhat in the hands of the airline staff. So when you approach them with the request have a smile on the face and be as polite as possible. It is you who is asking for the favor, so maintain the demeanor. If you are lucky you will be treated in the best manner by the staff and get a business class seat at discounted price.

All the above mentioned tips are tried and tested and give satisfactory results in grabbing cheap business class seats.

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