If you are all set to sell your property in Perth, the first and foremost thing to do is fix all existing and potential issues and make it appear in tip-top shape for any potential buyer.

With that; you should also schedule an appointment with notable building inspectors in the area to conduct a pre-sale inspection and provide you with a comprehensive report identifying all structural issues.

Below explains all those key tips to follow prior to making your property available for sale. Follow closely!

i. Look To Identify & Repair Defects or Leaks With Pro Inspectors!

If your potential buyer comes across any unreported leaks or defects, they automatically lose faith in the inspection report you provide. As a result, those buyers will look to negotiate on your selling price and present you with their low purchasing price. If the defects and leaks are plenty, then they can also cancel the entire deal.

You don’t want that. So, the wise choice would be to perform a comprehensive pre-sale inspection from professionals. They use infrared cameras, and moisture metres to find out any existing blemishes- no matter how big or small they are.

These inspectors will perform a thorough structural inspection of:-

  • The concrete slab foundation
  • Timber subfloor structure
  • Exterior and interior wall structure
  • Roof, balconies, stairs, patios
  • Electrical compliance of smoke detectors, power points, RCD safety switches.
  • Latch, fence gates

And more.

Each of these identified issues will be included in their pre-sale building inspection concerning your Perth home with their causes. They will even suggest you the cost and proper measures to fix them.

ii. Don’t Ignore Existing Pest & Termite Problems!

If termites, wood borers, mould, fungi are left unchecked, they can not only lead to expensive property damage but also pose a big health hazard.

Appointing experienced building inspectors ensures that not only is your property structurally sound, but it is free from any form of termite, fungi or pest infestation.

So, while you schedule an appointment with these experts- also request them for their termite-pest inspections. These experts will focus on all those common signs of pest and termites and report it all in their detailed report.

They will focus on these common areas:-

  • Timber subfloor structures
  • Cabinetry, Skirtings, architraves and other timber components
  • Exterior balconies, stairs, fences, garden timber and more.

iii. Reassure Potential Buyers With Unbiased Inspection Report:-

Needless to say, but the longer your property stays in the market; the more potential buyers may entice you to lower your estimated sale price. What these buyers need is the guarantee of no hidden issues which they will have to repair post-purchase!

By presenting them an unbiased inspection report with clear photos and lucid explanations as per the set Australian standards, they get that much-needed reassurance needed prior to a property purchase.

So, without wasting time, fix an appointment whenever you see fit.

Final Lines:

So, if you are planning for a properly sale anytime soon, then opt for such comprehensive pre-sale inspections in Perth and ensure you get max return from the sale.

Author's Bio: 

The author is an expert in conducting pre-sale inspections throughout Perth as per the levied Australian standards. Also being an avid writer, the author posts informative blogs and write-ups on how pre-sale building inspection in Perth help reap max benefits from your property sale.